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These 2022 Kitchen Design Trends Will Help You Create a More Functional Home

The kitchen is the most significant space in your home since it is the center of your family's everyday living. The day usually starts in your kitchen with a cup of coffee or a healthy breakfast. You are worthy of having an organized and peaceful atmosphere.

Since the kitchen is the core of our homes, they should be given a makeover, too. This will help give you an area at home you much deserved and needed.

Discover the current concepts below that speak to your aesthetic and budget and are approved by designers and home experts for kitchen sensations in 2022.

1. Colorful cabinetry

The cabinetry is one of the areas that most homeowners prefer to be well polished. Color also plays an important aspect in your general layout plan and can have an impact on elements like Maintainance driving forward.

Fabuwood Cabinet has smooth finishes and the Galaxy line gives the impression of a glossy look with a contemporary flair. The line features an exceptional minimalistic masterwork with an enduring attraction.

Fabuwood Galaxy Profloors

2. Statement Island

Up and coming in kitchen design trends 2022 is the statement island. There are many ways for an island to make a statement. It can have different color cabinets from the perimeter of the room. It can have a bold countertop color such as the Cambria Countertop. It can feature some distinct statement pendant lights.

Cambria Profloors

3. Modern Wood Finishes

An essential part of a kitchen interior design is the . There is no doubt that this element complements the other constituent units and completes the picture. Therefore, it has to integrate into the kitchen decor and emphasize the initial atmosphere rather than spoil the picture. As with other kitchen elements, there are various trends that change over time regarding the flooring. If you want to keep pace with the latest ideas, you should inform yourself properly and adapt the chosen option to your kitchen.

Hardwood flooring is one of the most applied options for kitchen flooring. It can be laid in different ways to add a point of interest to the room. One of the trends in this sense is the bleached wood that is achieved by using a particular chemical solution. This flooring style will work well for those who like softer colors for the flooring.

european white oak Profloors

4. Walk-In Pantries

Walk-in pantries will take your kitchen in your ideal home to the next level. It can truly be time-savers and stress-busters – and, these are just a few of the advantages of a walk-in pantry.

Additional storage area is a lot systematic and also makes it more comfortable to keep account of the food supply. In this way, a walk-in pantry can help you save money and lessen food wastage at the home.

Walk In Pantries Profloors

5. Sink Workstations

A workstation sink integrates detached areas of your kitchen in one place. Considerable accessories will enable you to wash food, prepare it, clean up, organize the dishes, and more. It's developed to help you save space and time when in the kitchen.  

Workstation sinks with  Cambria Countertops offer the most expansive and most ingenious design palette in the industry. You're certain to discover the ideal choice to elegantly fit your style and preferences.

whitendale cambria Profloors

6. Light Marble-Look Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops present a consistent and even shade and pattern. Quartz countertops such as the Dekton Countertops, will give you the desire you want for your new home.

It is capable of mimicking marble or granite with excellence. This is the reason why light marble-look quartz countertops are still a much more suitable choice than real marble.

Dekton Countertops

7. Smart Appliances

Technological advancements are now being included in our homes—particularly, our kitchens. Refinements in appliances and kitchen technology have transformed the manner we ready meals, store groceries, and depend on our kitchen space. It has become a lot comfortable to save time and save energy.

Smart Appliances Design Trends

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