4 Common Carpet Problems & Solutions

4 Common Carpet Problems & Solutions

Today’s technology in carpet fibers makes it an ultra-durable choice for flooring.  However, there can be slight but fixable issues that may arise with either new carpet or existing carpet that has been in your home for some time.  Below, our flooring experts problem solve potential issues. 

4 Common Carpet Problems & Solutions to Keep Your Carpet Looking Its Best

Problem 1: Carpet Shedding

The Problem: You just bought a gorgeous new carpet. The only issue is, you notice fibers in your vacuum. No fear, this is something that can occasionally occur in new carpet installations. 

The Cause: It is possible that a brand-new carpet can shed. However, new technology in carpet has diminished this factor in new carpet. Any shedding that occurs will be minimal.  This shedding could occur during installation when the finishing happens, some of the fibers become loose.   

The Solution: Most carpet shedding problems are solved with patience and time.

Problem 2: Carpet Matting

The Problem: Think of “matting” as another word for “crushing” or “flattening.” Your carpets once looked plush and fluffy, but now they seem thinned out and stamped on.

The Cause: Matting occurs when fibers in the carpet begin to unravel and lose their original shape, allowing them to be crushed down more easily. High foot traffic and incorrect vacuuming or cleaning techniques can accelerate this process. 

The Solution: To solve the issue of improper cleaning or vacuuming, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for carpet care.  Also, it may be time to look for new carpet that has advanced in technology to prevent this from happening in high-traffic areas. To learn more about new carpet technology and other styles, explore our detailed carpeting guide.

Problem 3: Carpet Raveling

The Problem: Your carpets are starting to fray and unravel. The issue might be localized to a small area, or you might notice it affecting large portions of the carpet.  

The Cause: This can happen with older carpets over time from high traffic or improper cleaning. 

The Solution: If the damage is extensive, you may need to have new carpets installed.  If it is newly installed, contact your installer for assistance in repairs.

Problem 4: Carpet Buckling

The Problem: Your carpet has an unsightly bulge or ripple, as though forced upward by something beneath the floor.

The Cause: Buckling can be caused by excessive humidity or moisture under the floor.

The Solution: The typical carpet buckling fix involves stretching the carpet to restore its original shape. You may need a new carpet installed. Call your local Flooring America store to find out what is the best solution.

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