Wicker patio chairs on ceramic tile floor

90’s Interior Trends Making a Come Back in 2019

Ah, the nostalgic 90s: the decade when boy bands, Napster, and gel pens reigned supreme. But while Beanie Babies might not be making a comeback any time soon, the same can’t be said of these classic 1990s interior design trends, which are forecast to crash the style scene in 2019. So dust off that Tamagotchi, put on your favorite pair of Sketchers, and grab a refreshing can of Crystal Pepsi, because we’re counting down five 1990s design trends that are going to be hot this year.

90s Interior Trends That Are Coming Back in 2019

Wicker Furniture

Let’s face it: when you think about “cool” or “modern” furniture, you probably don’t picture wicker patio chairs. Believe it or not, wicker is making a trendy return to homes and apartments across the nation — only this time around, with a few style upgrades.

Thanks to its eco-friendly status as an all-natural decorating material — something you can find more tips about in our recent article on earthy decor — wicker is enjoying a resurgence among environmentally-conscious consumers, often incorporating funky vintage and retro prints on the cushioning.

Wicker chair on brown tile floor

Canopy Beds

Who wouldn’t love waking up cushioned below a dreamy, indulgent nest of luxurious fabric? When you’re under the silky sky of a canopy bed, the view is tough to beat!

Canopy beds incorporate light, flowy fabrics that give your space a beachy, nautical feeling perfect for capturing that fresh coastal vibe. But to keep things looking modern, shop for a design that’s sleek (not frilly or puffy), then pair with chic, minimal pillows and bedding.

Canopy bed on beige carpet

Pastel Colors

We recently dedicated an entire article to decorating with pastel colors, so you know this is a trend we can get behind! The wild popularity of Rose Quartz in 2016 — a soft, baby pink designed by Pantone — ushered in a new style era where pale pastels are king. For a modern twist (and some added visual interest), try mixing pastels with dark, sleek tones like black, brown, or the next color on our list.

Teal pastel colored couch on dark brown wood floor

Dark Green

Fans of earth tones, rejoice! If candy-colored pastels aren’t your thing, you’ll love the next style forecast on our list: hunter green is making a comeback. Omnipresent during the 90s, deep green shades are in the design spotlight once again, thanks in part to the popularity of emerald green.

Maybe we have Pantone to thank, since the 2017 Color of the Year was simply called “Greenery” — a hue Pantone described as “refreshing and revitalizing… symbolic of new beginnings.” (Don’t miss the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year, either!)

Dark green accent chair on wooden floor

Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains were all the rage during the 90s, when they were a fixture of teenage bedrooms everywhere. But today’s funky curtain dividers aren’t just for kids’ rooms anymore. Taking bohemian design cues, modern beaded curtains come in plenty of subtle and sophisticated varieties, including fabric curtains that work beautifully to create lightweight, attractive partitions in roomy or open-plan spaces.

Get 90s Home Decor Inspiration With My Design Finder

Interior design has come a long way since the 1990s, but we can’t seem to shake our love for Gameboys and neon windbreakers. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up on the 90s just yet — at least, not when it comes to home decorating. Just update those old design trends with a few contemporary accents, and you’ll be sure to get the best of both worlds for a space that’s truly your own.

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