Floor Textures in Florida

Add a Little Texture to Those Floors

When it comes to your space, the color scheme and accents can do only so much. Sometimes you need that little extra something to make the space pop. And by “little something,” we mean texture. Considering a texture when choosing a hardwood, luxury vinyl, or laminate floor can bring depth and warmth to a room, making the space look naturally lived-in (perfect for families with pets and young kids, too!).Traditionally, texture is a characteristic of hardwood flooring, but luxury vinyl and laminate have added textured features as well to enhance the realism of these products.


With the increased interest in custom or artisanal flooring styles across the country, wire-brushed floors have become quite the trend. The wire-brushing technique uses steel bristles to pull the soft grain from the wood, leaving the harder heartwood exposed. These floors can range from moderate to extreme in texture, accentuating contrasts in color, and masking the effects of daily traffic.

Floor Textures in Florida


This textured floor type is experiencing a renassaince. Textured by hand with a knife, these floors have a smooth surface with a distinctive look. They’re perfect if you prefer a more natural, authentic aesthetic, giving off a very sophisticated vibe. Great for rustic, farmhouse styles, they can also add a beautiful contrast in modern homes.

Floor Textures in Florida


If you want an artisanal look, consider soft-scraped flooring. The original soft-scraped method is done by hand, creating soft ridges on the floor. But you can also get extremely natural (and more affordable) premade soft-scraped flooring that does an amazing job at providing that vintage, aged look. Today’s options are extremely durable, but any scratches that do occur simply add to the character.

Floor Textures in Florida


Laminate and luxury vinyl wanted to join in on the realism of hardwood finishes. Not only do the wood visuals convey texture, but now they have added physical texture to each plank on most laminate and luxury vinyl products. Embossing can be random, throughout the plank, or follow the visual grain.

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