Bathroom Remodel 2020

Bathroom Remodel Ideas & Trends For 2020

Say goodbye to boring bathrooms in 2020! The New Year has brought new styles with it, so we’ve put together some helpful design tips to help keep your home up to date. Follow along and find your remodeling inspiration as we explore some of the hottest 2020 bathroom trends that are coming our way this year, from flooring and fixtures to sinks, cabinets, colors, and more.

Bathroom Design Trends to Inspire Your 2020 Remodel

2020 Color Trends for Your Bathroom and its Cabinets

Color is one of the first details you notice when you enter a room. Since the bathroom is intended to be a space for relaxing and rejuvenating, it’s important to choose a color palette that will set a calming mood. 

According to design experts, trending bathroom paint colors for 2020 include pastel yellows, golden shades of champagne, and rich orange hues like clay and pumpkin. Incorporating these or other warm colors into your walls, cabinets, or decor will make your bathroom look more modern and feel more inviting, especially on those chilly winter nights!

Bathroom Remodel 2020

Shower Ideas: What Tiles & Designs Are Trending in 2020?

Some design elements, like pieces of artwork or sheets of wallpaper, give you opportunities to experiment with bold and “crazy” decor. But when it comes to shower tile ideas for 2020, design experts recommend sticking to basics, trading extravagant patterns and colors for subtle, stately classics. Neutral colors are on-trend, which means you should look for shower tiles in colors like grey, white, tan, or black. 

For a more modern and contemporary look, consider shower tiles that have a matte (non-reflective) finish, instead of the traditional glossy finish. A matte finish can also be a stylish choice for your bathroom cabinets — not just your shower tiles. 

For homeowners who have adequate space, “open shower” and “open bathroom” concepts have become increasingly popular as shower designs for 2020. These unique layouts do away with added doors and walls, creating a more spacious and airy feeling. However, before constructing this type of bathroom in your home, it’s important to plan for drainage and ventilation issues to avoid the accumulation of mold, moisture, or slime.

Bathroom Remodel 2020

Bathroom Sink & Fixture Trends for 2020

Most of us think of sinks and fixtures as boring, practical features — but that’s only half the story. These “bland” basics also double as unsung design heroes, with tons of style potential just waiting to be released! By putting care into these minor details, you can give your bathroom a major upgrade. Here are some of the biggest bathroom sink trends for 2020 that style and design experts are forecasting: 

Bathroom Remodel 2020

2020 Bathroom Floor Trends

Bathroom conditions can be tough on your flooring. Between the steamy showers, the damp footprints, the dripping towels, and the splashing tubs, bathroom floors face a lot of moisture — and most of them aren’t up to the challenge. 

Stay on-trend and avoid unnecessary home repairs by choosing a waterproof material that’s as stylish as it is durable. Terrazzo is a clear winner in both categories, but might also have the potential to become costly. Another option is luxury vinyl tile (LVT), one of the most attractive yet most affordable bathroom floor trends of 2020. Look for products like Downs® H20, which offer waterproof protection and are available in a wide variety of custom styles, patterns, and colors.

Bathroom Remodel 2020

Get More Trendy Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2020

Hopefully, these bathroom design trends for 2020 have helped give you a clearer idea of how to start your remodeling project. For even more decorating ideas, explore My Design Finder, where you can tour thousands of unique virtual bathrooms in styles that range from coastal to classic to contemporary and beyond.

No matter what your style is, we’ve got the bathroom flooring you’re looking for. We can help you compare and install thousands of top-rated products, including eco-friendly, waterproof, and luxury bathroom flooring options. Contact us online to learn more, or visit one of our 500+ convenient retail locations across the United States.