Beach Color Palette

Beach Color Palette in Your Interior Home Decor

Furniture and decorations are only a part of interior design. Before you start assembling tables or hanging up wall art, there’s another, even more fundamental style element to think about: color. Whether you’re making over the ­­­family vacation home, or just trying to make your apartment feel a little more beachy, coastal color schemes can go a long way toward bringing your design dreams to life.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about seaside color palette, and ways to incorporate them into your home. With these five beach house style tips, it’s a breeze to bring these coastal colors into your space successfully. The home flooring experts at Flooring America are here to help you make it happen.

Incorporating a Beach Color Palette into Interior Decor

Find or Create a Coastal Color Palette You Love

The first step to designing the right color scheme for your home is to decide what sort of colors you absolutely love — and which ones you can live without. Of course, there’s more than one beach house color palette to choose from.

The classic combination consists of a white shade (like ivory or eggshell), a neutral tone (such as grey or khaki), and a bright accent color (such as yellow), to be used more sparingly. Then, choose a core or theme color to act as the backbone and tie everything together. For decorating in a coastal style, design experts often recommend shades of blue (such as navy and robin’s egg). Pastels are also popular suggestions for decorating a coastal style house, like soft yellows, pinks, and purples.

Beach Color Palette

Incorporate Neutral Colors into Your Color Scheme

Once you’ve settled on the right shade of white for your beach theme color palette, you need a few reliable neutrals. Neutrals might not seem exciting at first, but they’re actually a designer’s best friend. Thanks to their versatility, neutrals are almost always compatible with other style elements. Mix, match, or do a little bit of both — neutrals make it easy. 

Beach Color Palette

Decide on a Nautical Accent Color

On top of your “main” or “base” colors (like blue or your favorite pastel), you’re going to need an extra dash of color to liven the space and make standout items “pop.” When used sparingly, accent colors add a sense of depth and dynamism to each room. Try using a sea foam green or incorporating a bold coral into your color scheme to create a beachy vibe.

Beach Color Palette

Design Tip #5: Tie Your Palette in with Beachy Decor

Once you’ve chosen your ideal beach paint color palette, there are countless ways to work it into your space: through flooring, decor, wall art, upholstery, blankets, pillows, or even display items, like art made from coral or driftwood. Items you already have in your home, such as books, candles, hand-towels, or vases, can be arranged to bring out color themes in the space.

Beach Color Palette

Flooring America Can Help You Design Your Dream Beach Vacation Home

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