Decor & Interior Design Ideas

Beach House Decor & Interior Design Ideas

For families all across America, summertime means a trip to the shore for an unforgettable week at the beach. Get the absolute most out of your vacation time by decorating your beach house (or your everyday house) with cozy coastal elements the whole family is sure to love. If it’s time to spruce up your summer getaway, these striking beach house design ideas are sure to inspire you.

Beach House Decor and Interior Design Ideas

Pair Natural and Nautical Decor

Redecorating an entire cottage can be a major task, but if you ever get stuck and aren’t sure where to start, just remember that “nautical” and “natural” always make a perfect pairing. Some popular nautical design elements include anchors, netting, surfboards, buoys, and combinations of white and navy blue. 

Mix and match nautical decorations with natural design touches to complete the effect. Examples of natural, ocean-inspired decor include driftwood, coral, seashells, sand dollars, stone, and beach glass.

Decor & Interior Design Ideas

Incorporate Rustic Wood Floors and Accents

Chrome, copper, and steel look sleek — but they don’t exactly scream “beachy.” Instead of using materials that are associated with modern or industrial styles, try old-fashioned, rustic touches instead to create that lived-in, cozy atmosphere.

Weathered wooden seating or dressers can bring a room together, add a dash of personality, and create space to store items (or display decor). Hardwood flooring is durable, holds up well against moisture, and looks great with any furniture or color palette.

Decor & Interior Design Ideas

Use Bright, Fresh Colors in your Beach House Decor

Deep, dramatic colors like scarlet are right at home in an elegant mansion, but they can feel a bit out of place at the beach. Shouldn’t the same design principles apply to your vacation home? Instead of opting for intense colors, focus on soft and refreshing tones that remind you of the ocean, like sandy beiges, cool blues, and sunny pastel yellows.

Decor & Interior Design Ideas

Feature Palms and Bamboo Plants

Live plants instantly make any space feel brighter, fresher, and more vital. Reminiscent of tropical islands, palm trees and bamboo plants make the perfect accent for any beach home. Plus, both are low-maintenance, which means you don’t need a green thumb to keep them looking great. Other beachy plant ideas include hibiscus flowers, succulents, and of course, beach grass!

Decor & Interior Design Ideas

Make Space for a Nook

A sunny, light-filled breakfast nook is a quintessential feature of almost any beach house. Don’t have a nook built in? Make one yourself by arranging the seating and furniture strategically, using an accent rug to bring everything closer together. Make sure to choose the side of the house that gets the best light in the morning.

Decor & Interior Design Ideas

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