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Best Floors For Increasing Home Resale Value

Whether you’re planning to put your home on the market in the next year, or planning to relocate in the next few years, now is the time to start planning what updates or remodels would be beneficial for increasing your home value. The only thing worse than remodeling your home and not being able to enjoy your improvements before moving is pouring money and sweat into your remodel only for it to not increase your home value and or give you a return on your investment. To make sure that your flooring renovation pays off, read on to learn what the best floors are for increasing the value of your home.

How to Determine the Best Floors to Increase Your Home’s Value

With today’s housing marketing on fire, houses are being purchased almost immediately, with offers sometimes coming in on the 1st day of listing. Buyers, especially Millennials, want a home that’s move-in ready. They want a home that doesn’t need a kitchen overhaul or new floors, and they will most likely be willing to pay over the asking price if they love what they see. A majority of buyers will.

With this in mind, the most important floors to replace are those that are damaged and show wear and tear. It could be the stained and frayed carpet in your living room, or the warped and outdated vinyl in your bathroom. Focus on these floors first, but keep in mind that carpet will not increase your home’s value, so consider hardwood or another hard surface in the bedroom or living room.

Once you’ve addressed the floors that are in immediate need, we recommend replacing the floors in your kitchen and bathrooms, as these rooms, especially your kitchen, will give you an immediate return on your investment. There’s nothing less appealing than an outdated kitchen or bathroom, so give these rooms an overhaul and a little TLC.

Best Floors

Cost vs. Value of New Floors

While hardwood costs more than carpet does, hardwood will last a substantially longer time than carpet. Whereas carpet should be replaced every 10 to 15 years, hardwood floors can last a lifetime if they are properly maintained.

What Type of Flooring Will Give You the Best Return on Investment?

Carpet, vinyl, laminate and tile are all good options to consider when looking to install lasting floors –and thanks to updates in floor technology, some are even waterproof! If you are looking specifically for water resistant floors, you’ll want to choose something that has a surface made from inorganic materials such as synthetic plastics, as organic materials are more likely to decompose when subjected to moisture.

Hard surface flooring will give you the best return on investment, or ROI. Hardwood will be your best bet with the highest ROI since it’s the long-standing preferred flooring choice. If you currently have hardwood floors, consider refinishing them if they need a little pick me up. Refinishing hardwood isn’t as expensive as most think, so the refresh is an easy way to increase your home’s value.

Hardwood is a classic, timeless flooring option that only increases the value of your home, so if you can go this route, go for it. If not, engineered hardwood is another great option, due in part to its added durability.

Best Floors

Explore these five Flooring America brands that offer brilliant flooring options rivaling the market in both durability and quality assurance while never compromising your taste and style.

1. Aquadura H20

For hardwood flooring, look at products from the Aquadura H20 line which features a sealed hardwood veneer that protects against water, kids and pet messes. With a large hardwood selection from walnut to oak, Aquadura H20 is a Five-Star brand that offers hardwood floors in rich hues to complement a variety of décor schemes throughout the home. Try this flooring in your kitchen, bathroom or family room without having to worry about major spills.

2. Rival by Resista

While in the past, waterproof flooring may have limited your options to only laminate or vinyl, today there’s a wide variety of carpet options available. When looking to install a carpet, try products from Rival by Resista which are designed with waterproof backings that protect the cushion and subfloors from undetected spills. Rival by Resista delivers carpet with exceptional softness underfoot and comes in a wide variety of luxurious hues and patterns.  Rival by Resista’s specially crafted, crush-resistant fibers also make your life easier by repelling stains and soil for easy cleanup

3. Floorcraf

If you’re looking for a flooring that has the look of hardwood without the hassle of hardwood installation, shop laminate flooring with Floorcraft Maysville. Floorcraft features the deep-grained looks of natural woods with an incredible 50-year warranty that covers fade, stains and is water resistant. All Floorcraft tile is also waterproof.

4. Downs H20

For luxury vinyl, look at products from the Downs H20 line as their flooring is 100% waterproof and will not expand, curl or shrink even if submerged in water. Unlike real wood, these waterproof, kid proof and pet proof vinyl planks can handle your family’s active lifestyle all through your home making it the perfect floor for your foyer, kitchen or bathroom. Plus, it’s backed it with our absolute best warranty, so you can count on years of beautiful performance.

5. Galvanite

Galvanite features top performing luxury vinyl products that are waterproof, pet-proof and kid-proof. Galvanite floors have a unique water-resistant, sound-deadening backing that goes over any subfloor, making the installation process that much easier. With a wide range of flooring options available, Galvanite luxury vinyl will stand up to years of wear without ever giving up its tasteful shine.

Best Floors For Increasing Home Resale Value

To get more information on what type of flooring will work best in your home, visit our flooring page and browse our flooring options! Reach out to our experts at your local Flooring America store to learn more about increasing the value of your home with new floors!