Black and White Home Design

Black and White Design Ideas and Inspiration

Black and white is a classic and versatile color combo that can be incorporated into any home. No matter what your sense of style, there’s a black and white design scheme perfect for you. Keep reading to get some of our favorite tips and ideas for black and white home decor. Then, ask the experts at Flooring America how we can help bring your style vision to life.

Black and White Interior Design Ideas and Inspiration

Use Bold Black & White Patterns

Some color combinations are soft and mellow, but black and white isn’t one of them. Thanks to the high visual contrast, black and white is an inherently dramatic pairing. That makes black and white the perfect colors for using in bold patterns, whether it’s striped walls, graphic wallpaper, or decorative black and white plates on the wall. Minimalist or abstract black and white art is another way to heighten the visual drama with stark, eye-pleasing contrast.

Black and White Home Design

Incorporate High-End Tile

Glazed black tiles are a beautiful addition to your kitchen, whether on the walls or in your flooring design. Striking yet sophisticated, glossy black tile transforms your kitchen into a chic, high-end cafe. (Can you say “espresso bar,” anyone?)

A similar option is black-and-white tiled flooring in a checkerboard style. Though often associated with kitchens and bathrooms, checkerboard tile can also be used in foyers, hallways, and living rooms.

Tile floors are great for your kitchen, basement, or bathroom — but when it comes to decorating your bedroom, we’d probably recommend something a little plusher under your feet (especially if you live in a cooler climate).

Black and White Home Design

Try Black and White Carpeting

When we think about black home interiors, we usually picture something glossy and sleek, like a shiny tin ceiling (or those glazed tiles we were just talking about). But not everything has to be polished or mod.

Black and white can also be cozy, especially when incorporated into carpeting. From blocky geometric squares to curly fleur-de-lis designs, there are countless patterns and textures to choose from, bringing warmth and comfort into your space while building on your black and white motif.

Black and White Home Design

Get Black and White House Interior Design Ideas with My Design Finder

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