Living room with grey chairs, sofa and blue ottoman on a blue rug.

Blue Living Room Decorating Ideas & Inspiration

Year after year, blue is one of the most popular colors among homeowners for a good reason. Blue is reminiscent of tropical oceans and fresh summer skies. Blue is dreamy, cooling, and soothing, and is perfect for setting a tranquil tone in your living room.

Blue and its myriad of shades can lend itself to a variety of design schemes and styles. Whether you enjoy upscale in shades of royal blue, rustic country styling in shades of true blue or in a coastal style in nautical navy blue, any shade of blue can create the desired effect in your living room.

Although blue has powerful style potential, there are still some “do’s” and “don’ts” for homeowners to consider. To help you navigate the design challenges successfully and get the most mileage out of your home makeover, we’ve put together a few of our favorite blue living room ideas, plus answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Living room with white and blue sofas on tan carpet with light blue and white painted walls.

Blue Living Room Decorating Ideas & Inspiration

Is Blue a Good Color for a Living Room?

As long as you enjoy the color blue, the answer to this question is a definite “Yes!” From chic and modern to homey and rustic — Art Deco to Victorian and beyond — there are countless ways to adapt the color blue into any design scheme.

Living room painted blue with white trim and blue and white high back lounge chair with ottoman.

What is a Good Accent Color for Blue?

Too much blue can start to feel flat or repetitive. So how do you avoid having “too much”? Simply remember to balance with accent colors. Yellow, orange, and brown are warm counterpoints, adding a pop of contrast while complementing the blue color scheme.

3 Blue Living Room Decorating Ideas

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge into a blue living room, here are some decor tips and ideas to help you create an atmosphere you’ll love coming home to day after day. Ready to dive in? Here are three blue living room themes to help you get started and serve as a springboard for inspiration.

Keep it Clean

Restrained and stately, blue is a color that lends itself well to clean, modern decorating styles. For a contemporary feel, use high contrast (such as bright art on dark blue walls), bold patterns, and tidy, geometrical lines. 

Go Glossy

Dark shades of blue are intense and dramatic. Heighten the effect with glossy paint, which reflects light to create a brilliant shimmer. A glossy finish can help to make the room feel more dynamic or “alive” than a matte finish.

Living room with blue painted wall green house plant and two tan leather chairs on tan carpet.

Take a Trip to the Beach

From nautical navy to tropical turquoise, blue is a natural fit for coastal, beach-themed decor. Give the whole room a beachy feel by incorporating shells and driftwood, or using down-to-earth materials like rattan, wicker, linen, rope, and jute in your decor and furniture.

Living room with white sofas covered in blue throw pillows, and a white coffee table on blue and white tiled carpet.

Get Dark and Light Blue Living Room Ideas from My Design Finder

Want more ideas for using the color blue in your home? Check out My Design Finder to get inspired with blue living room color schemes. Just answer a few easy questions about your taste in style and decor, and My Design Finder will show you thousands of gorgeous, personalized examples.

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