80s Interior Design

Bring the ’80s back to the future. And your home.

When it comes to style, the 1980s tend to get a bad rap. It was, after all, the time of leg warmers and mullets. But the truth is, many of the decade’s fashion statements have come back around—especially in interior design. From large windows to patterned carpet, you can still look to the past for decorative advice. Here are a few ways to do just that.

Clear Furniture

Translucent furniture was incredibly popular during the ’80s. And while we might have taken a turn since then from Lucite to glass, see-through pieces still very much have a place in your home. Consider adding light touches to open up a space, such as a glass coffee table, an open-paneled bookshelf, or even a reflective countertop in your bathroom.

80s Interior Design

Neon Colors

While muted tones are in right now, a pop of color here and there can really make a room sing. Try channeling your ’80s nostalgia by infusing bright shades into your projects. Place a set of vibrant pink throw pillows on your beige couch, contrast your wooden kitchen island with lively orange stools, or accessorize your living room with that vivid green armchair. Used sparingly, neon colors will act as delightful additions to your humble abode.

80s Interior Design

Glass Walls and Windows

Though the sweeping glass-brick walls of the ’80s have been left behind in favor of more modern options, similar techniques can still create bright, natural light in your home. Think about giving your space a larger-than-life glimpse into the outside world, with floor-to-ceiling windows or glass doors. You’ll combine the feeling of a glass-brick wall with a more contemporary look.

80s Interior Design

Patterned Carpet

Yes, the style has undoubtedly changed over time, but patterned carpet certainly hasn’t disappeared. Trendy in the ’80s, this type of flooring has transformed into a variety of colors, designs, and cuts—and people continue to use it in their living rooms and bedrooms today. But if you want to spice up your space without rolling out all-new carpet, you can use patterned rugs to contrast your solid-colored floors.

80s Interior Design

Tropical Prints

Leaves, foliage, and palm trees were everywhere during the ’80s. You could find them on clothing, bedspreads, and curtains. They even adorned some of your favorite characters from television. These days, tropical prints still have their place, but they feature much better on your walls: in the forms of small accent decals (great for gallery walls), framed prints, or canvases.

80s Interior Design

So if you’re looking for something “rad” without being radical, think about these ’80s – inspired design trends. You never know when inspiration from the past can strike.

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