Checklist- How to Get a House Ready to Sell Quick

Checklist: How to Get a House Ready to Sell Quick

Let’s face it — selling your house is a major undertaking. The pressure and stress can feel overwhelming, especially for first-time homebuyers who have never been through the process before. But don’t worry: we’ve put together a simple, step-by-step checklist to help make selling your home faster and easier. If you need advice on how to get your house ready to sell fast, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for our tips!

Checklist for How to Get a House Ready to Sell Quickly

How to Get Your House Ready to Sell

What should you do before selling your house? That’s a question we are asked all the time, and if you’re preparing to move, it’s probably the most important question you can ask yourself right now. Use our checklist to make sure you have taken the right steps.

Checklist for Preparing Your House to Sell

Below, you’ll find an easy checklist for getting your house ready to sell. Don’t skip steps, because each one is important. Remember, every item you cross off the list brings you one step closer to your dream home!

Research the Neighborhood

The real estate market is a fast-paced, competitive place, so if you want to get the best price for your house, not to mention the best value on your new home — you need to do your research. Check out reputable websites like to get a realistic sense of asking prices based on factors like square footage, neighborhood, and design features (such as swimming pools or hardwood floors).

Get a Real Estate Agent

Now that you know what sort of price to ask for, your next task is to find a real estate agent. The agent’s job is to show your house, deal with real estate documents, and ultimately, help you get a better price. Be sure to choose a responsive, trustworthy agent who comes with plenty of positive feedback and relevant experience.

Clean up the Clutter

Unless you’re Marie Kondo, this step might be a drag, but it’s also one of the most critical. No one wants to move into a home that looks dingy, dirty, or cluttered, which means it’s up to you to ensure that the space looks as neat and inviting as possible. Vacuum floors, scrub dishes, dust surfaces, polish tables, spray windows, sort toys, fold clothing, take out garbage, fluff pillows, wipe down sinks, and remove odors.

Update Flooring

Flooring is not only a major factor in the property value of your home, it is also extremely appealing to potential buyers. Most homeowners know they can easily redecorate a new home, but would be much less willing to invest in a home with worn flooring. During the process of selling a house, it is important to evaluate the impact of flooring on the pricing and the ability to sell your home quickly. While hardwood is a popular and desirable choice, quality and durable flooring tend to increase value and the likelihood of swaying a potential homebuyer into taking the plunge.

Style and Stage Your House

Staging is the process of making your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Tips for staging a home include removing personal decor, using neutral colors, and highlighting storage space. See our blog post on how to stage and style your house for in-depth advice on boosting your property’s curb appeal and asking price.

Find a Photographer for a Professional Home Photo Shoot

No one will know that your home is gorgeous unless they can see high-quality, high-resolution images. Avoid using photographs that are small, grainy, blurry, dark, or blown out. It’s worth hiring a photographer to ensure that your home puts its best face forward. Otherwise, what was all that cleaning and staging for?

Getting Your House Ready

Need More Tips for Getting Your House Ready to Sell? Flooring America Can Help

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