ARTE Surfside Dinning room project

Complete Hardwood Flooring Installation Guide

ProFloors and Cabinets follow NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) installation guidelines. Below is a general reference for RIVA engineered floor installation. 

Prior To Installation

It is our responsibility to inspect the product. If for any reason the materials do not match the order or if color, condition or quality come into question, we will replace the material.


DO NOT remove from packaging and acclimate like solid hardwood flooring. As wood is hygroscopic and responds to changes in temperature/humidity, proper acclimation is a very important step in ensuring a proper installation. Acclimation refers to the moisture content of the wood and subfloor plus the conditions of the job site in terms of Temperature and Relative Humidity. Improper acclimation can cause a host of issues such as buckling, shrinking and/or cupping after installation.

All work involving water or moisture should be completed before installing hardwood flooring. For any new construction or remodeling project, hardwood flooring should be one of the last items installed. HVAC systems must be operational and controlling site temperature and humidity.

Installation Instructions