Trending fall colors incorporated in a living room

Decorate Your Home with Autumn 2018 Colors

With every fall and winter, we typically see an increase in warm colors in our homes. The season’s colors always put us in the mood for all things fall; foliage, pumpkins, fires, and cozy nights, but this year we’ll see a few fun colors grab our attention as well.

Interior Decorating Trends & Ideas for Fall 2018

Greens are going to be a popular color in homes this autumn, as homeowners will look to bring the beautiful colors of nature into their décor. Shades such as olive, sage, and forest will be favorites.

Burnt orange and dark red are also two very prominent colors that we’ll see this autumn. Dark orange is a great color to pair with other nature-inspired neutrals, while red is great if you’re looking to make a bold statement in your home.

Rich fall tones in bedroom

Soft yellow will also be making its way into homes as it combats the normal rich tones of fall by adding a splash of upbeat fun to your space. Following on the brighter color train is bold cobalt blue, a summer color that we’ll see sticking around, thanks to the elegant and royal feeling it embodies.

Autumn color schemes in modern bedroom

How to Include Fall Color Schemes in Your Home

Since some of these trending colors might be too bold for your walls, they all work great when used as accent colors. Pillows and blankets are easy pieces that can be swapped out with each changing season. Bring one of these colors into your space with a velvet accent chair, but don’t forget that window treatments, rugs, linens, and dishware are all great sources for these hot autumn colors.

Modern Fall Color Scheme in living room

To find out your personal fall style visit our room design toolMy Design Finderto browse trending room scenes to find your perfect interior style.