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Engineered Flooring Maintenance and Care


Treat your as if it were a one-of-a-kind piece of nature. In compared to the beauty and value they give to your house, the care is minimal. These easy actions can safeguard your investment and keep your floors looking great for years to come.


Sweeping and dustingThere is no better way to maintain the appearance of your than to dust them on a regular basis with a disposable cleaning cloth or a reusable microfiber pad. Static electricity attracts dirt, dust, and other allergies in the home.

Avoid brooms that push dirt rather than capture it. Avoid lifting your microfiber when cleaning your floors to keep dirt stuck on the pad.


Mopping and CacuumingWhen using a vacuum on hardwood floors, you must exercise extreme caution. Use a vacuum that does not have beater bars or one that allows you to switch off the beater brush function. These can ruin the polish of your flooring and significantly scrape the surface.

It is advisable to use a moist sponge, cloth, conventional or “Swiffer” style mop. Make sure there is no extra wetness on the floor. Allow the floor to thoroughly dry after washing before walking on it.

Cleaning with an extremely saturated mop is not suggested since pooling or excess water may discolor the surface or run between the boards, thereby damaging the floor's structure. Floor steamers should never be used since they can ruin the polish of your hardwood floors.

Avoid using old tricks like vinegar, soap, or wax, since they can all cause long-term harm to the finish of your beautiful flooring.


Spills happen; when they occur, clean them up fast. Soak up any accumulated liquids and wipe clean. You might need to use one of the cleansers listed above. Sand, grime, and grit may be exceedingly harmful and reduce the longevity of the floor's finish. Excessive scratches can soon fade the floor's protective layer, and depending on the severity, may even penetrate to the wood itself. Protective mats put at exterior entrances may significantly improve the beauty and longevity of the floor. Avoiding unclean shoes or spiked/damaged heels, as well as keeping pet claws trimmed on a regular basis, will help to avoid scratches and indentations in the wood. We also advocate using protective pads for chair and furniture feet. NEVER dredge or slide furniture without proper protection.

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