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Hardwood flooring at ProFloors

Some people pass right by hardwood flooring in their search for the perfect floor covering for their home. It’s likely that they have heard it’s hard to maintain, it’s easily damaged and it can be very hard to keep clean, especially if you have children.

While it’s true that wood floors are a little more work than others are, it’s also the thing that makes them completely worth it. After looking into it, it’s easy to see how the benefits not only add up but also quickly outweigh all the hype.

If you need new floors, don’t pass by wood simply because you’ve heard bad things about it. Take the time to stop by ProFloors & Cabinets to speak to a flooring professional about your specific needs. We serve the areas of Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Marco Island, and Estero, and our showroom is located in Naples, FL. We invite you to stop by at your convenience.

Hardwood for the long haul

With a professional installation and proper maintenance, it’s likely to be that hardwood will be the last floor you place in your home. The lifespan is impressive, with some wood floors in existence dating back hundreds of years. If all the things they say about wood floors are true, how can this be?

To start with, the choice of wood species makes a huge difference. Harder, denser woods handle high traffic areas better than softer woods do and are often less likely to take on damage. There’s also the matter of stains, topcoats and protective coats, that can give the floor that extra protection needed in certain areas. This help protects against scuffing, scratching, spills, stains and so much more.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Fort Myers, FL from ProFloors & Cabinets
However, if you finally reach a point where wear and tear have done its thing, after a decade or so, there’s always the option of refinishing. In fact, solid hardwood floors can be refinished several times before they’re simply unfixable. Refinishing brings the wood back to a like-new finish that almost looks as if you’ve had brand new floors installed.

The refinishing process also gives you a few options as well. If you’d like, it’s a great time to choose different stain colors, especially if your home décor has changed. You can also choose another type of protective coating if you’ve added pets to the household, or had children. Simply stated, you just can’t go wrong with hardwood.

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