Hardwood Flooring Installation

Regarding the installation of engineered flooring, we recommend employing an expert. Installation of engineered flooring is a labor-intensive operation that requires specialized equipment and skill. Because your hardwood floors will be a part of your house for many years, it is essential that the flooring installation is performed correctly.

At ProFloors & Cabinets, we employ engineered flooring installation specialists with years of training and expertise. We will ensure that your engineered flooring are placed correctly so that they are stable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

ProFloors and Cabinets follow NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) installation guidelines. Below is a general reference for engineered floor installation.

We are responsible for inspecting the merchandise. If the materials do not match the order for any reason, or if the color, condition, or quality is in dispute, we will replace the materials.

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DO NOT remove it from the box and let it acclimatize as you would with engineered flooring. Due to the fact that wood is hygroscopic and reacts to variations in temperature and humidity, acclimation is a crucial step in guaranteeing a correct installation. Acclimation relates to the moisture content of the wood flooring and subfloor, as well as the temperature and relative humidity of the project site. After installation, improper acclimation can result in a variety of difficulties, including buckles, shrinkage, and/or cupping.

The bundles of flooring should be kept in a cold, dry atmosphere (relative humidity between 30 and 60 percent). Prior to acclimatization and installation, boxes should be kept sealed.

Before laying engineered flooring, any tasks that involve water or moisture must be done.  Should be one of the last materials put in any new construction or renovation project. The HVAC system must be functional and capable of regulating the site's temperature and humidity.

Installation Instructions

  • The area to receive flooring [and adhesive] must be properly conditioned at normal occupancy temperature
    (60-70ºF), and humidity levels (30-55% humidity). Proper RH levels must be maintained for a minimum of one
    week prior to installation as well as during and continuously following installation for the life of the floor.
  • Excessively dry conditions over an extended period of time, or dramatic fluctuations in RH can lead to
    material issues such as “checking“(slight cracking of the flooring surface) gapping around the joints, or cupping.
  • In extremely dry climates or areas that have dramatic fluctuations in humidity, a humidifier may be necessary.
  • Wood flooring has a comfort level: wood flooring will perform best when the interior environment is
    controlled to stay within a relative humidity range of 30-55% and a temperature range between 60 – 80
    degrees Fahrenheit
  • When laying flooring, work from many open boxes simultaneously to guarantee adequate color variety.
  • Engineered hardwood flooring is permitted for installation above grade, on grade, and below grade.
  • Prior to installation, the subfloor must be clean, level, and devoid of dirt.
  • For concrete subfloors with fractures or uneven surfaces, a self-leveling compound may be required.
    chemical to attain appropriate subfloor conditions.
  • Wood subfloor integrity; the subfloor must be evaluated for movement, disturbing sounds, and water damage.
    regions of delamination or damage. All such concerns must be addressed prior to installation by a competent professional.
  • Approved installation techniques include adhesive, nail/staple, and floating. 
    For floating, Utilize an adhesive developed for tongue-and-groove applications.
  • Moisture and/or sound barrier underlayment material is suggested for floating installations. 

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