Decor Ideas 2020

Home Decor Ideas & Trends For 2020

With a new year comes a new you, and doesn’t the new you deserve a new space, too? Kick-off 2020 in style with a trendy, updated look for your home or apartment! To help you get inspired, we’ve put together a collection of fun and fresh home decor ideas for 2020. From the bathroom to the bedroom and beyond, these 2020 decorating trends will help you create a beautiful home to enjoy throughout the year.

Home Decor Style Ideas to Keep Your House Trending in 2020

How to Spot Home Decor Trends in 2020

Ready for an inspired new look, but not sure how to pick something trendy? Don’t worry: there are plenty of great resources to help you stay current, making it easy to spot the hottest home decor trends for 2020. Some great examples to help you get started include: 

You can also watch trends develop in real-time by browsing hashtags or communities on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, which make it effortless to follow the hottest fashions. While it takes a little more “detective work,” you can even spot trends by browsing websites or discussion groups for industry professionals, such as realtors and interior decorators. 

Now that you know how to spot design trends, let’s take a closer look at some of the trendiest movements in home decor for 2020, one room at a time. 

2020 Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room

According to realtors, homeowners are moving away from formal, polished living rooms and toward designs that are cozier, comfier, and more inviting. Here are some easy ways to make your living room look trendier and feel more relaxing: 

Decor Ideas 2020

Kitchen Decor Trends for 2020

They call it the “heart of the home” for good reason! Full of warmth (and scrumptious smells), your kitchen is the perfect gathering place to spend time with friends and family. Dazzle your guests and showcase the space by incorporating these trendy kitchen decor ideas for 2020: 

Decor Ideas 2020

Bedroom Decor Ideas for 2020

Your bedroom is a retreat, your own private getaway from life’s pressures and stresses. Shouldn’t it be a space that you want to escape to? Give your bedroom a trendy transformation by putting these 2020 style forecasts into action: 

Decor Ideas 2020

Bathroom Decor Trends for 2020

A bathroom is more than just a practical necessity — it’s a space to refresh, revitalize, and rejuvenate. Elevate your bathroom to spa-like levels of luxury with these simple yet elegant bathroom decor ideas for 2020: 

Decor Ideas 2020

Find Trendy Home Decorating Styles for 2020

With My Design Finder, a world of exciting style trends is literally at your fingertips. Simply select your preferences to browse thousands of on-trend examples and get inspiration for 2020. Then, talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable flooring experts about how we can help. Contact us online today, or visit one of our 500+ convenient retail locations.