How Best to Clean Tile Flooring?

How Best to Clean Tile Flooring

Beautiful tile floors are a homeowner’s dream. Whether they’re located in your kitchen or bathroom, made out of ceramic, porcelain, or luxury vinyl tile, many find attractive (and durable!) tile the perfect flooring fit for their homes. It’s also one of the best low-maintenance flooring options around. Still, as with any floor, cleaning is inevitable. Here are some tried and true tips for how to keep your tile floors clean, with as little stress as possible.

Seize the Spill

It may seem like common sense, but it’s important to remember that spills need to be cleaned up fast. With tile floors, regular maintenance is the biggest key to avoiding headaches down the line. Frequently cleaning your tile floors—first sweeping, then vacuuming, and occasionally mopping—means that you won’t have to worry about stains setting into your tile or—even worse—your grout.

Glowing Grout

Speaking of grout, there’s nothing like the sight of dirty grout to take the sheen off the beauty of your tile floor. Grout that hasn’t been properly cleaned or maintained is a real eyesore, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The answer? Sealant. Sealing your grout allows it to be resistant to those pesky stains.
How Best to Clean Tile Flooring

Brush Your… Floors?

A great DIY grout cleaner involves mixing water and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts. Then grab a small brush (an old toothbrush is perfect) and scrub away. This simple method should work like a charm. (Though, of course, be sure to consult your Hard Surface Care & Warranty Guide before any cleaning of your tile floors.)
How Best to Clean Tile Flooring

Homemade Clean

Speaking of DIY grout cleaner, lots of folks these days are into using homemade cleaners. Not only can they often be safer, but the DIY aspect of mixing up your own cleaner can be fun and inexpensive. Another great option for a homemade cleaner for your tile floor needs is combining a cup of white wine vinegar with a gallon of water when you do your mopping. This mixture helps clean, naturally get rid of odors, and won’t break the bank. (Again, for best results always refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.)
How Best to Clean Tile Flooring

Marble or Stone Tile Flooring

If you own a home with marble or stone tile flooring, scratches can happen in some cases. Some types of tiles are more sensitive to cleaning agents than ceramic or porcelain tiles are, and many do not recommend DIY cleaners on these more sensitive surfaces. A more balanced pH cleaner from a product specifically made for marble or stone tile flooring is your best bet here.
How Best to Clean Tile Flooring

How Best to Clean Tile Flooring... and More?

Now that you have some tips and tricks for how to clean tile floors, why not think about sprucing up your kitchen or bathroom with some brand-new tile? Your local ProFloors and Cabinets has countless tile options for every budget and area of your home. Your low-maintenance and easy-to-clean floors await.