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How to Choose An Interior Design Style

Choosing a home decorating style can be stressful. There are so many options to sort through, with so many details to think about. To make the process easier, the home decor experts at Flooring America have put together this simple list of some popular home design styles, plus tips on ways to find your personal style. If you’re ready to give your space a new look, ask our experts how we can help.

How to Choose an Interior Design Style

What Are the Different Types of Home Decorating Styles?

There are almost countless decorating styles to browse through, with plenty of overlap between them. This can get confusing or overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the world of interior design — but don’t worry. The list below will help to give you a starting point on how to choose a design style. Here are just a few of the most popular personal home styles to explore:

Step #1: Save Interior Design Photos and Blogs that Inspire You

Whether you’re flipping through a retro magazine or browsing the latest posts under your favorite Instagram hashtag, save photos and articles that inspire you. Whether it’s a photo of a gorgeous designer apartment on Pinterest or your favorite picture of your family, keep tabs on images that capture the feeling you want to cultivate in your home.

After a while, you might start to notice patterns that can help you narrow down your design preferences. For example, you might notice the same colors or room layouts reappearing in all of your “favorited” photos. Whether your biggest design inspiration comes from your loved ones, a past chapter of history, or your favorite style blog, knowing what you like (and dislike) is essential.

Living Room showroom inspired by modern elements

Step #2: Check Out Showrooms and Model Homes for Style Inspiration

Showrooms and open houses are great opportunities to view up-close-and-personal tours of different homes in your area. Even if you aren’t planning on moving, open houses can spark some great design ideas — especially because the rooms on display are usually in immaculate condition.

They can also help you learn what design schemes you don’t like. When you know what to avoid or exclude, it’s easier to narrow down your list of dream “looks.”

Step#3: Use Our Free Online “My Design Finder” Tool

In our busy modern world, you don’t always have time to drop everything and plan your weekend around an open house. We get it — which is why we created the “My Design Finder” feature, a free virtual tool to help you identify a home decorating style you love.

Using the My Design Finder feature is easy. Simply follow this link and then click the “Get Started” button. Select your room type and favorite style option to view relevant examples of work we’ve done. Copy a look you love, or mix and match ideas to create your own vision.

Modern living room designed by an interior designer

Step #4: Be True to Yourself and Your Personal Taste

Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to something as impactful as your environment. Before you burn a hole in your wallet shopping for upgrades and overhauls, take a weekend (or several) to check in with yourself and evaluate exactly what it is you hope to achieve with your home redesign project.

What is it about your current space that needs improving? Is luxury important to you? What about getting the lowest price, or being environmentally conscious? Would you rather take bold design risks with your space, or stick to something traditional? These are the sorts of questions you should ask yourself — and answer honestly — before planning out your next style move. From creating more space in a small apartment, to making a new home more child-friendly, to cultivating a sense of luxury, your priorities will impact your style choices.

Professionally Designed living room

Step #5: Hire an Interior Design Professional to Help to Decide Your Style

No one can decide what looks great except you — but sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of professional help. That’s where the dedicated flooring experts at Flooring America come in.  We have years of experience helping thousands of customers find great products at great prices, in diverse custom styles to fit any taste.

We offer flooring in all types of colors, patterns, and textures using materials like tile, wood, stone, carpet, vinyl, and more. No matter what look you’re hoping to achieve, we have the products — and the expertise — to guide you.

Let Flooring America Help You Choose a Decorating Style

Home decorating is supposed to be exciting — not stressful. Let our dedicated team members make your project easier by matching you with the perfect products for your entire home flooring needs. Try it out at home first by using our My Design Finder tool. You’re sure to find the right style for you. Contact us online to get started, or call us today at (844) 720-2843.