Matching Furnitures in Any Room

How to Coordinate & Match Furniture in Any Room

Many furniture stores offer the option to buy matching bedroom sets. For example, you might see a pair of matching nightstands that not only match each other but have been coordinated to go with the bed frame and dresser, as well. While these pre-made sets can be cute to look at and easy to shop for, they can also feel a little generic, which might be a turn-off for certain homeowners.

If you’re looking for something that feels more eclectic or more personal, you’re better off hand-selecting individual pieces of furniture. But how do you know what to choose? Read on to learn tips for how to mix and match furniture in any room of your house.

Mix Up Furniture Textures in the Room

Compared to elements like light and color, texture doesn’t get enough credit for the role it plays in interior design. Put simply, “texture” refers to the way a surface looks or feels; for example, a rough, irregular popcorn ceiling versus a smooth tiled drop ceiling.

Anything from the furniture you use to the decorations you put up to the pillows on your bed or sofa can lend different textures to the room. Avoid matching textures completely, which can create a flat look, or matching none of them, which can look a little chaotic. Instead, try to strike a balance by featuring two or three different textures with a few objects that showcase each, such as plants, tapestries, or pieces of furniture.

Matching Furnitures in Any Room

Mix and Match Decor & Furniture Colors

Color coordination seems to overwhelm many homeowners. Fortunately, when you drill down to the basics, it’s actually not too complicated.

Think of it as a formula or a recipe for any room of your home, whether it’s the kitchen, the bedroom, or the bathroom, it’s usually a safe bet to follow these steps: 

Since neutral colors are designed to pair with everything, the only colors you need to worry about coordinating are the brighter hues. For example, if your walls are pastel blue, consider decorations and furniture in hues like turquoise, navy, seafoam, or mint. Try to avoid bold combinations that will clash strongly, like red with green or purple with orange.

Matching Furnitures in Any Room

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