farmhouse style in living room

How to Get the Farmhouse Style Look in Your Home

One of our favorite design styles out there is the farmhouse style for its effortless simplicity in décor and color. This style originated from farmers themselves, in which design was focused on their basic necessities regarding their lifestyle and family needs. Farmhouse style offers feelings of warmth and comfort, with an emphasis on reclaimed wood, upcycling, and rustic and distressed touches. The fabulous part of this design style is that it is hard to mess up!  Here are some fun ways to create your own farmhouse look in your home!

10 Tips Farmhouse

1. Love Texture

One of the best parts of this style is wood, wood and more wood! And not all of it has to match. It could of course be shiplap, but it could also be layered pine on your walls paired with oak planks on your floors. Whatever wood tones you love, be sure to include them on your walls, floors, or ceilings.

2. Be Unpredictable

Often homeowners want to match finishes when designing their home, but this design style says “don’t!” You can pair black iron finishes with brushed nickel, and so on. The key is to keep it to 2-3 metal finishes and bounce them around your house. Your kitchen faucet finish may be the same as your pendant light finish, and your kitchen knobs and pulls may be the same finish as your door hardware. 

3. Incorporate Family

Family photos are incredibly important in general, but even more so in farmhouse-style home décor as this style has a strong focus around what is important in life. Consider incorporating phrases or quotes that you want your family to live by, as you can have teaching moments for your kids through your artwork and signage.

4. White is a Key Color

White is what allows the busy aspect of this style to stay focused. As textures change, white is the key color that grounds everything and keeps an underlying calm to your home. Even better, because white is your core color, you will be able to easily evolve to your next design style when you are ready for a change down the road.

Farmhouse Den

5. Casual Wins

Comfortable furniture wins in this design style, so make sure your furniture makes you want to fall into it and relax. No stuffiness allowed!

6. Don’t Over Clutter

Remember, not every wall and space needs something on it. Sometimes your eyes need to have a spot to rest.

7. Make it Fit Your Lifestyle

The function is more important than how something looks, so be sure to keep in mind how your family lives in the spaces you are creating. If you know someone who loves to read in a corner, perfect!  Make it a comfy chair, a basket of blankets, and a vintage floor lamp. This is a very thoughtful style as to how you live in your home.

8. Have Your Own Twist

We have the world at our fingertips in terms of inspirational images, however, be sure to come up with one twist on something that no one else has tried or done. We encourage you to add a personal touch to your space. After all, it is your home!

9. Old + New Play a Role

Not everything in your home has to be vintage décor. Some things have improved with time so it’s okay to mix vintage with new, but going to vintage flea markets will help you find unique elements that will add to your décor. Find something old to turn into art on the walls, or start a collection of something vintage. For example, vintage fishing reels in glass jars can remind you of fishing with a grandparent and also serve as amazing texture to your room.

10. Have Fun

This is the most important rule. If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right! Relax and enjoy the process. Your home is meant to bring you happiness, so have fun!