Pastel pillows incorporated in a living room design

How to Incorporate Pastels into Your Home Decor

Robin’s egg blues. Creamy mint greens. Soothing lavenders. Cute baby pinks. These are the soft, dreamy colors we associate with Easter and springtime — and now that winter is finally ending, it’s time to get inspired! There are dozens of trendy yet affordable ways to incorporate pastel colors into any space, giving your home or apartment that fresh, dewy springtime feel. Keep reading for five simple pastel room decor ideas, and then use our My Design Finder tool to put the finishing touches on your vision.

How to Incorporate Pastels into Your Home Decor

Idea #1: Use Pastels in Paint or Wallpaper

Painting (or wallpapering) a room is probably the boldest and most noticeable way to use pastels in your home. If you’re still undecided about whether you want to do the entire room in a certain color, you can always start with one accent wall to get a preview of how it feels. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even try doing stripes or color gradients for a special, custom look.

Pastel blue color incorporated in a living room wall color

Idea #2: Use Pastels in Furniture

If the idea of painting or papering your walls in pastel seems a little excessive, you can try a more subtle approach by selectively using pastel accents instead. For example, you can use pastel furniture items, like end tables, sofas, or bookshelves, to add just the right dash of spring to any room in your home.

On a budget? No problem. Try repainting old furniture items instead of buying them new. Not only is repurposing old furniture good for your wallet — it’s better for the planet, too.

Pastel decorations in foyer

Idea #3: Use Pastels in Decorations

This might be the most versatile tip on our list, thanks to the sheer volume of decorations you can mix and match between. Whether your home decor style is coastal, modern, retro, or rustic, there’s a bottomless well of pastel decor options, from clocks and planters to sculptures and paintings. If you’re too rushed to window-shop, you can find pastel accessories quickly and efficiently by searching online.

Pastel cushions in a living room

Idea #4: Use Pastels in Home Appliances

Who says pastel colors are restricted to the living room or bedroom? From toasters and espresso machines to blenders and even refrigerators, home appliances are a great (and practical) way to bring springtime into your kitchen, too. Fans of the 1950s retro style will especially appreciate these nostalgic, diner-like touches, which were popular during the mid-twentieth century.

Pastel appliance in kitchen

Idea #5: Use Pastels in Chairs and Seating

When you think about it, almost every room in your home or apartment features some sort of seating arrangement. That gives you plenty of opportunities to incorporate pastel into your living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom. Barstools, writing chairs, reading chairs, and even wicker patio furniture can be purchased in all types of pastel colors, bringing a soft accent into every corner of your space. Purchase a matching set, or opt for a more eclectic approach by mixing and matching — creating a truly personalized look.

Pastel accents in a sitting room

Get More Pastel Home Decor Ideas from My Design Finder

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