Flooring for Small Spaces in Florida

How to Make a Room Look Bigger With Flooring

Airy, open rooms are a homeowners dream. But, in reality, many of us are trying to make smaller spaces—from our bedrooms to our kitchens—appear a bit bigger and more open than they actually are. Thankfully, there are many ways to work with both paint and flooring to open your spaces and maximize what you have. Here’s how you can achieve that big-room look with your flooring.

Diagonal Dreams

The key to making rooms look bigger with flooring starts with the diagonal rule. Diagonal lines work to create the illusion of more space, because when a person enters a room, their eyes are drawn to the widest part of a pattern—the same is true in art. So whether you’re installing a lined carpet in a bedroom, or hardwood floors in a kitchen, if you’re looking to create space, go diagonal.

Flooring for Small Spaces in Florida

Lighten the Walls

It’s pretty intuitive that lighter walls often create an airy, open feel, whether found in a kitchen or bedroom. (Just think of the vibe of dark, cozy libraries or offices—usually, they have dark walls!) But interestingly enough, when light wall paint is paired with a dark floor, the contrast really works to create an effect of openness—and the feeling of a larger space. Not to mention, a dark floor—whether dark hardwood, tile, or a dark carpet—can make a lighter ceiling seem even higher.

Flooring for Small Spaces in Florida

Planks? Think Big

Bigger planks stretch the eye, so whether you’re installing hardwood planks or laminate in your living room, kitchen, or throughout a space like a studio apartment, avoid thinner planks. Anytime you’re working with less square footage, you want to avoid narrow or thin planks.

Flooring for Small Spaces in Florida

Less Grout, More Space

Speaking of larger being better, when it comes to a room with tile, the same logic applies: larger tiles usually lead to a floor space appearing larger than tiny ones. Lots of smaller tiles on a floor means more lines for the eye to land on, and definitely more grout—and that busy feeling can create a sense of a crowded atmosphere. So if you have a smaller kitchen or bathroom, go big!

Flooring for Small Spaces in Florida

Need More Help With Flooring?

Don’t let the thought of working with small square footage get you down. By choosing larger planks and tiles, or asking to have your hardwood floors installed diagonally, you’re on your way to making every room a “great room.” Talk to the experts at your local ProFloors and Cabinets today to find the perfect floors for your great room. They’re here to help and to make your space the most inviting environment it can be.