relaxing bedroom with white canopy

How To Make Your Bedroom A Retreat

When life gets hectic and stressful, home seems to be the one place we can get away from it all. Sometimes, though, you may need that extra bit of peace and quiet to get yourself through the day. What better place to turn to than your very own bedroom?  It’s a place where you lay all of your worries to rest and find your inner accord. Create a space that can facilitate your relaxation by utilizing some of these calming décor tips.

Choose a Serene Palette

Some say different colors can affect our mood, so if you’re looking for a little bit of peace in your life, be sure to choose colors that calm and soothe you when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Hues like soft blues and greens, lavender, beige, and grey are going to help smooth the edges of a long, tense day. Use these colors in décor such as curtains or bedding, or take the leap and repaint your entire room. You’ll be thanking yourself when your bedroom transforms into a stress-free zone.

Serene bedroom with pastels

Lighting is Key

Harsh lighting in a bedroom is not great for those times when all we need is a few minutes of relaxation. Give your eyes a break at the end of the day by installing light that has a warmer, rather than a cooler tone to it. The warmth of the lights will allow you to kick back without being disturbed by bright lights. Another solution to severely bright lights in the bedroom is to choose dimming lights. This way you can easily turn the brightness up for your morning routine, or you can soften them for late night reading.

serene bedroom with warm lighting

Cozy textures

Incorporating décor with texture will turn your bedroom into a snug sanctuary. You can choose pieces like fuzzy area rugs to give some warmth to your feet, add a comfy pile of knit throw pillows for that extra soft touch, or get a plush comforter that will make you never want to get out of bed in the morning. All these cozy textures will ensure that your bedroom is a tranquil retreat from the everyday tensions of life.

relaxing bedroom with white canopy