Interior Design Consultation

ProFloors Free Interior Design Services:

We Answer Homeowner Questions and Provide Important Advice

When you request a free interior design consultation from ProFloors, you will meet with one of our experienced design consultants who knows just how colors, shapes, and flooring products blend together to form a creative interior ‘look’ for your residence. Our design consultant will gladly answer each question that you have and aid you in planning your new interior design.

ProFloors sells and services homeowners in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero, South Naples and other nearby Florida communities with dedicated customer service and custom interior design plans. You can ask us for your free consultation at home, or in your office, by contacting us online or through a telephone request.

Our primary objective is to make it easier for you to plan your home remodeling project with a reasonable understanding of the flooring products, pricing, and our professional services.

An Interior Design Consultation Provides Unique Solutions

ProFloors believes that your home should be as unique to your family as possible. However, unless you have considerable remodeling experience, bringing it all together alone can be challenging and expensive. Our experienced design consultants understand how to use space effectively, color schemes, textures and, when it’s necessary, to find lower-cost alternatives for more costly flooring and fixtures. There are other benefits to using our professional interior design services that include:

Better Organization

Inspirational reference materials are helpful, but without organization, you can’t do enough with them. ProFloors’ interior design professionals can take your good ideas and help you change them into a workable plan. They will refine the entire process into simple step-by-step activities that you can easily follow.

Save Time

No one wants to waste their precious time trying to research all the facts in a complicated project by themselves. With a professional interior design consultation, it will reduce the time you spend on your project by around 50%. After all, our experts know the correct questions to ask and how to put everything together so that you don’t have to stress over it.After your first meeting with our consultant, we will be able to offer specific recommendations that compliment your family’s lifestyle and interior décor without overspending in your stated budget.

Save Money

If you are remodeling on a budget, getting the exact ‘look’ you seek and can actually afford, may not possible. ProFloors design professionals will point you in the right direction. For example, budget-conscious customers may elect to choose polished concrete or luxury vinyl rather than more costly marble. Lighting fixtures that are quite similar to costly high-end fixtures can often be purchased for less money elsewhere. 

Your ProFloors design consultant will work with you to find another product you can afford. In addition, if you carefully choose what you will spend your money for, you can buy the flooring product that you prefer and then choose a different countertop or appliance that will still meet your needs. Making an appointment is simple. Customers can visit ProFloors online to request a free interior design consultation. We offer flexible appointment times so that you will find a convenient time to meet with our design consultant. If you’d rather speak with someone, you can also contact us by phone, or visit us in our showroom in Naples, FL at your convenience to schedule your free interior design consultation.

Your valuable time is understandably important, and we do everything we can not waste it unnecessarily. Our project supervision and management specialists will assist you in both ordering and track the delivery of all the materials that you need. Work will never be delayed or stopped to wait for products that have yet to be delivered to your home. They will also ensure that you get everything you need and nothing that doesn’t save you money. ProFloors will never view your budget as an approximation.It’s something that we consider firm and unchangeable.Our project supervision and management specialists provide accurate cost estimates from the very onset of your project, and then help you turn those estimates into realistic budgets.

Save Money with Project Supervision and Management Service

Working with ProFloors also helps you conserve money by making certain that the installation of all of your products is done properly. Poor quality installation is one of the main reasons for product failure and shortened useable life. We want you to enjoy your new décor for as many years as possible before you have to replace it.

Contact us to find out more about what we offer, or to schedule an appointment where we can answer any questions that you may want answers to. We proudly serve customers in Naples, Bonita Springs, South Naples, Fort Myers, Estero and other local Florida communities.