Large living room with extra seating

Interior Design Ideas for Large Living Rooms

It’s a designer’s dream to have a huge space to work with. But for homeowners, vast interior spaces can pose surprising design challenges. Without the right decorative touches, large or high-ceilinged rooms can feel empty and unbalanced. Fortunately, our large room layout ideas make it easier to figure out what to do with empty space in your living room, family room, or other areas of the house. If you’re looking for large living room design ideas, keep reading for five simple tips to help you get started.

Interior Design Ideas for Large Living Rooms

Add More Seating to a Large Living Space

Design experts recommend a few different strategies for making a large space cozier by incorporating more seating. For example, one strategy is to add a few benches around the sides of your coffee table. The versatile benches can serve as seats or tables while creating more closeness and intimacy in the space.

Another seating strategy is to add a few chairs along blank stretches of wall. This breaks up the visual monotony, gives guests a place to relax, and creates a natural frame for a mirror or piece of art.

Shape Walls Using Color

Breaking up the walls horizontally with color has two design benefits. First, it makes the room more visually dynamic. Second, it creates the illusion of a lower ceiling. This can be a design life-saver in rooms that feel cavernous or out-of-proportion due to high ceilings. As an added bonus, painting is also much cheaper and less complicated than remodeling your ceilings!

Just be sure to choose colors that pair against each other — and complement the rest of the room. You should also give careful thought to where you place the dividing line, so that it isn’t too high (or too low) to create the desired effect.

Living room with decorative walls

Create “Zones” in a Large Space with Room Dividers

If you’re craving more coziness, but don’t have the time or budget to construct new walls in your home, room dividers can be a quick, attractive, and cost-effective design solution. Depending on your style preferences, there are plenty of different items you can use as room dividers, such as folding screens, sofas, daybeds, tables, and more. The only limit is your imagination.

With the exception of heavy furniture items like sofas, most types of room dividers are lightweight, movable, and affordable. That makes it a breeze to reconfigure the space whenever you’re in the mood for a change (or quickly need to prepare for guests).

Large living room decorated with large artwork

Use Long Stretches of Walls as a Canvas

Vast, blank walls can call attention to the emptiness of a large room, disrupting the balance of the space. Fortunately, it’s easy to combat this effect by making good use of the ample wall space. For example, you can hang a large statement painting to draw the eye, create a focal point, and add a splash of color.

Just try to avoid turning your walls into framed photo galleries — a design trend experts say you should avoid. (To learn more about design trends that are on the way out this year, check out our blog post on home decorating trends to avoid in 2019.)

Large living room divided by a couch

Replace a Traditional Coffee Table

Last but not least on our list of large room design ideas, try swapping out a conventional coffee table for something larger and more inviting, like a cushioned bench or ottoman. Not only can this help to fill more space, but it also gives the room a warmer, more comfortable atmosphere. A rustic wooden table can also look cozy and intimate, especially with the right decor.

Large living space decorated with a cozy ottoman

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