Interior Paint Colors 2020

Interior Paint Colors of the Year For 2020

Back in March, our design blog covered the Color of the Year for 2019. With a new decade around the corner, we’re back with an update for 2020! Move over, Living Coral: there’s a new kid (or new color) on the block, with dozens of uses for any room in the home. Follow along as we reveal the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year for 2020, explore other trending paint colors to incorporate into your home, and offer some tips on decorating with color successfully.  

The Interior Paint Color of the Year for 2020

Trending Popular Interior Paint Colors for 2020

Benjamin Moore is one of the country’s largest and oldest paint companies, selling paints, stains, and related products since the 1880s. When it comes to the art and science of color, these are the experts you want to talk to! 

That’s why we wanted to find out which of its 3,500 paint colors the company would feature in 2020. We know you’re just as curious, so let’s get to the big reveal. 

Drumroll, please! According to the company’s official website, the Benjamin Moore 2020 Color of the Year is “First Light,” a gentle baby pink evoking the earliest hints of sunrise. Here’s how its creators describe it: 

“A fresh palette. A revitalized spirit. A soft, rosy hue blooming with potential. Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2020, First Light 2102-70, is the backdrop for a bright new decade.” 

If baby pink isn’t “your thing,” don’t worry — Benjamin Moore has already curated a stylish, easy-to-use palette for you. First Light is part of a 10-shade color scheme, the Color Trends 2020 Palette, which features shades of grey, taupe, and blue. These 2020 interior color trends include:  

These are expected to be some of the hottest and most popular interior paint colors of 2020. Now, let’s explore some tips for incorporating them into your home!

Interior Paint Colors 2020

Kitchen Color Trends for 2020

All-black and all-white kitchens are both expected to be popular color schemes in 2020. However, not all homeowners want such a dramatic look. For an option that’s more relaxed, yet still offers a touch of modernity and sophistication, you might prefer to decorate with one or all of the following, which are forecasted to be popular kitchen colors for 2020

Interior Paint Colors 2020

2020 Paint Colors for Bathrooms

Cool colors include blues, greens, and purples, while warm colors include yellows, oranges, and reds. Warm colors are expected to dominate the bathroom of 2020 (along with design trends like open showers, neutral tiles, and terrazzo flooring). According to interior design experts, some of the most popular bathroom colors for 2020 will include champagne, soft yellow, and pumpkin. Similar options include terracotta, clay, gold, and straw, like Benjamin Moore’s Golden Straw paint color.

Interior Paint Colors 2020

2020 Popular Paint Colors for the Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a serene and tranquil refuge, like a home within the home. (If it doesn’t feel that way, check out our advice on making your bedroom into a private retreat.) 

Creating the right feeling starts with the right color — something that will help you relax, unwind, and get a good night’s sleep. Here are some trendy options to consider when you’re choosing bedroom paint colors for 2020: 

Interior Paint Colors 2020

Explore 2020 Paint Color Trends for Every Room in Your Home

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