Kitchen Countertops 2020

Kitchen Remodel & Design Trends For 2020

For most Americans, food plays a huge role in our new year’s resolutions. Whether your goal is to get fit, sharpen your chef skills, or simply make family dinners a bigger part of your weeknight routine, you need a kitchen that excites and invites you — not just in January, but all year long. Reach your goals, wow your guests, and make your kitchen a space you love with these hot kitchen trends for 2020, from designs for your countertops to the hottest “must-haves” in home appliances.

Kitchen Design Trends to Inspire Your 2020 Remodel

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for 2020

When it comes to 2020 kitchen designs, incorporating backsplash is essential. But what is backsplash tile, and what styles are available? 

The word “backsplash” traditionally describes the space between the countertops and the bottoms of your cabinets. While its original purpose was simply to guard against splatters from cooking or washing the dishes, modern backsplash also has an aesthetic purpose, letting you showcase your personal style through all types of colors, designs, and patterns. 

When used creatively, backsplash does for your kitchen what a statement wall does for your bedroom or living room. So what are some of the biggest kitchen backsplash trends dominating 2020? Forecasts include: 

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Kitchen Countertops 2020

Trending Kitchen Countertops in 2020

Countertops are more than just surface area for cooking; they can also complement your backsplash, walls, floors, and cabinetry. Continuing the all-white kitchen trend that’s burst onto the design scene in recent years, light-colored countertops are expected to be hot in 2020, especially varieties like marble and quartz. 

Not only do these products look sophisticated — they’re also ideally suited for kitchen use. Materials like stone and marble stay cool, resist moisture and resist physical wear-and-tear, making them both elegant and functional. 

Kitchen Countertops 2020

2020 Color Trends for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Spa-like, minimalist white? Striking, sophisticated black? A funky patterned wallpaper that’s energizing and bright, or a solid pastel color that’s soothing and serene? 

There are truly limitless options when creating a palette for your kitchen, depending on your personal style preferences, pre-existing color schemes, and the mood or tone you’d like to set for the space. To help you narrow down your style choices, here are some hot and emerging cabinet and kitchen color trends for 2020: 

Kitchen Countertops 2020

2020 Color Trends for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Appliances make your chores faster and more efficient. They can also make your kitchen more beautiful, simplifying your life while bringing your style up-to-date. 

Realtors, retailers, and researchers anticipate an upsurge in demand for environmentally-friendly appliances, which have gained popularity over the past decade. Other hot products to watch next year include mini dishwasher-sink combos, self-drying dishwashers, and appliances that connect with increasingly sophisticated “smart” devices (such as Google Home or the Amazon Echo). 

You should also be on the lookout for stainless steel appliances or brightly colored appliances, which are expected to be major trends next year.

Kitchen Countertops 2020

Kitchen Flooring Ideas Trending in 2020

Since they’re used for cooking and baking, kitchens are prone to spills and accidents. Kitchens also tend to receive heavy foot-traffic, especially if they double as dining rooms. 

You need a kitchen floor that will stand up to these challenges, but you also want something that looks and feels great. Fortunately for homeowners, most of the upcoming trends in flooring offer the best of both worlds. Consider one of these beautiful yet durable kitchen flooring ideas for 2020: 

Interior Flooring 2020

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