Luxury Vinyl in Florida

Luxury Vinyl Tile Does It All

Are you all about that natural flooring look but not about the maintenance? We have three words for you: luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Make no mistake, this isn’t your grandfather’s vinyl floor. We’re talking style, beautiful looks, ultra-durability, and affordable prices. Here are six reasons you should think about LVT for your floors.


No really, style. LVT is a great alternative to natural flooring options like wood and stone while still appearing realistic. It comes in a range of shapes and sizes to give your home that authentic style without the extra installation expenses and concern about durability. Whether you’re interested in hardwood, ceramic tile, or stone, LVT gives you the timeless look you’ve been searching for, for less.

Luxury Vinyl in Florida


One of the main reasons to choose LVT over natural hardwood or ceramic is its durability. It’s made up of a series of layers to remain strong and stable. Thanks to its film layer covered with UV-cured urethane, LVT is known to be the most resilient flooring option—it’s scuff, stain, and scratch-resistant. Talk about a triple threat.


In addition to its durability, LVT is also waterproof. Or spilled-milk-proof. Or pet-accident-proof. You get the picture. It’s perfect for any floor, even bathrooms and kitchens. So, spill, splash, and play, LVT will stop it all—and look great doing it.

Luxury Vinyl in Florida

Easy to Clean

Unlike hardwood, the process to clean LVT is quick and simple. Its protective outer layer allows for it to remain like new for years to come. To clean, all it requires is a static dust broom. This quality makes LVT the perfect flooring option for high-traffic areas to keep your home bright and fresh.


LVT has long-lasting durability—upwards of 30 years of long-lasting durability! It can go years and still look new. Probably for as long as you will own your home. That being said, choose a timeless style. Something that will make you and your family happy for years to come.

Luxury Vinyl in Florida


If all the other benefits haven’t yet sold you on LVT, the price sure will. The cost of LVT ranges from $3-$7 per square foot. To put it into perspective, LVT is around half the price of regular hardwood. So you can get everything you want in a floor at an affordable price. LVT—it’s beautiful, strong, waterproof, easy, and affordable. It’s not yesterday’s flooring. It’s tomorrows. So find out how you can get LVT installed by calling your local ProFloors and Cabinets today.