Memphis Interior Design

Memphis Interior Design Ideas & Inspiration

No, not Memphis, Tennessee. The Memphis design movement will be instantly familiar to anyone who was born during the 1980s or 1990s — and instantly memorable wherever it’s used! Chances are, if you remember the opening credits of TV sitcom Saved By the Bell, you’ll immediately get a striking example of Memphis design. Bright, geometric, and heavily stylized, the Memphis interior design style might not be to everyone’s taste; but for fans, this iconic movement is a timeless source of inspiration. 

That’s great news for people who love the style since the Memphis design trend is one of the hottest looks in home interiors right now. Keep reading to learn about the characteristics of Memphis design, and get some ideas for incorporating it into your home or apartment.

Memphis Interior Design Ideas & Inspiration

What Are the Features of Memphis Design?

While art and design styles tend to overlap, there’s no mistaking the Memphis look for anything else! Memphis design characteristics are unique and impossible to confuse with other interior design styles (which definitely makes shopping easy). But what, exactly, is Memphis design? Here are a few key elements to look for: 

Design Idea #1: Patterned Wallpaper

It’s impossible to separate the Memphis design style from the unique, colorful patterns that give the style its foundation. But unless you’re a professional artist, it’s also impossible to recreate Memphis patterns by hand. The solution? Patterned wallpaper, which can be customized and ordered online. 

Thanks to the recent popularity of the Memphis style, it’s easier than ever before to find patterns (and palettes) you love! If possible, try to obtain a smaller test sample before committing to an entire room’s worth of wallpaper.

Memphis Interior Design

Design Idea #2: Terrazzo Flooring

You’ve seen terrazzo flooring before, even if you didn’t know the name. Terrazzo features irregular fragments of glass, marble, and other materials, which are combined together and set with a smooth, polished glaze. Dynamic, playful, and a little bit chaotic, terrazzo tile makes the perfect aesthetic complement to any Memphis-style space. Highly customizable, terrazzo is available in a wide range of colors and pattern styles, adding even more character.

Design Idea #3: Plenty of Accessories

Your floors and walls aren’t the only spaces to experiment with Memphis design looks. Don’t forget to accessorize in any room of your home or apartment! With a quick online search, it’s easy to find Memphis-inspired decor and accessories for any room or purpose, including planters, coffee mugs, pillows, shower curtains, drapes, dinnerware, lampshades, storage bins, and even welcome mats.

Memphis Interior Design

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