mustard yellow living room decor

Mustard Yellow Decorating Ideas

Mustard yellow, a mix between bright yellow and light brown, adds a rich tone to any space that it’s used in, making it a great color to bring into your home this fall season. Mustard yellow can range from light to dark, which gives you the opportunity to curate an array of looks, to include warm, edgy, or even sophisticated.

With mustard, you can go modern, contemporary, or mid-century, depending on the additional colors that you bring into your space or how the color is used in design.

What Colors Pair Well With Mustard Yellow?

In an all-white room, mustard can make a room pop, as well its ability to add warmth to the overly cold feeling that all-white can sometimes create in a space. In recap, a white room with mustard accents creates an overall balance between the powers of both colors and can create visual interest and warmth, even when used in small doses.

kitchen table with yellow decor

For a more contemporary look, try pairing mustard yellow with dark grey and navy blue. With these color pairings, we love the idea of using grey or blue on your wall, and incorporating small pops of mustard in your décor.

For a playful look, pairings of turquoise and teal with mustard can bring edge and a strong dose of personality to your room. Remember, a little goes a long way with these colors, so don’t make the mistake of overusing these colors.

How Can Mustard Yellow Work in Different Rooms?

In the bedroom, consider using mustard yellow as your accent colors for your curtains, duvet cover, pillows, or even an area rug. Due to its strength, you don’t need a lot of this color to make an impact. A little goes a long way!

yellow curtains in bedroom

In the kitchen, we love seeing mustard yellow in chair or stool cushions, in dish towels, or even as the main color of your dishware. Remember, mustard can make for warm interiors, and with the kitchen being one of the most visited rooms in the home, it’s a great place to add this happy color.

kitchen table with mustard yellow chair

In your living room, consider adding one or two pieces of mustard-colored furniture or décor. This is a great color for furniture, especially chairs, as these are smaller in size. Mustard yellow on a chair can still make a bold statement, but it’s not as loud or overwhelming as if it were on a couch.

mustard yellow living room decor

In the bathroom, if you’re feeling bold, consider mustard and white tiles. To tone it down a notch, have your towels or a piece of art include mustard yellow.

yellow checkered bathroom floor

How Can I Decorate With Yellow Walls?

In the dining room or foyer, mustard looks great on your walls, and makes for quite the bold impact when it’s used in heavy dosage. If you’re wondering how to decorate the rest of your room when you have yellow walls, look no further. Since white and yellow work harmoniously to make a room pop, white furniture or trim will bring balance to the room and still allow for the yellow to make quite the impact.

foyer decor with mustard yellow walls

In a kitchen with mustard walls, consider having white cabinetry, and bring bright blues in as accent pieces throughout the room. This could be with dish towels, plates, appliances, or even vases. Remember, you want your kitchen to be a cheerful place to congregate with friends and family, so bring energy to your gathering area!