Playroom Flooring

Playroom Flooring: What Plays Well?

What’s the best flooring for your kids’ playroom? There are quite a few factors involved, including durability, stain-resistance, and safety. You want something that will stand up to everyday play but will also fit within your flooring preferences. Depending on your needs (and your style), we have a few different flooring options that range from classic to functional.

Carpet—a Classic

Carpet is one of the first flooring options that come to mind when thinking of playroom flooring. It’s durable, soft, and warm. Plus, it adds a layer of insulation to the room to absorb sound—because we all know playtime can get a bit rowdy. Nylon carpet is highly recommended for a room like this, as it’s both soft and durable while remaining resistant to stains. So, when the juice goes flying, you won’t have to worry. 

There are a few considerations about carpet, though, including its ability to harbor dust and allergens when regular vacuuming doesn’t occur. As long as you’re consistent about keeping it clean, and there are no underlying health issues in your family related to dirt and dust, carpet floors in the playroom will keep you and your kids happy for years to come. 

Playroom Flooring

Hardwood—a Stylish Classic

Hardwood is a great hard-surface option for a playroom if your kids are prone to spills and messes. And, let’s be honest, what kid isn’t? Hardwood is easy to clean and tends to last longer than carpet. It’s also the perfect floor for the allergy-prone because it doesn’t collect animal dander, dust, or pollen like carpets do. Just a quick pass with a dust mop and it’s back to looking beautiful.

While hardwood is durable, you do have to protect against things like scratches from furniture or the family dog. An area rug or furniture leg pads can go a long way in protecting against scratches.

Playroom Flooring

Laminate—an All-Purpose Option

Laminate looks like hardwood, but it’s practically indestructible. It’s scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, and general wear and tear-resistant. Plus, it’s easy to clean—all you need is a mop and a broom. It’s another great option for kids with allergies and can be accented with an area rug to further personalize your look. Laminate comes in a variety of wood and tile patterns, so the possibilities are almost endless.

Playroom Flooring
If there’s one thing to take away here, it is that your playroom can be both durable and beautiful. After all, you want a space that allows your kids to have fun but doesn’t make you want to keep the door closed. Call your local ProFloors and Cabinets today and talk to our flooring experts about the right floors for your kids. Whether it be ultra-durable, stain-resistant, or extra-soft, we’re ready to help you find something that fits.