Mercury Blast Select

  • Width (“): 10”
  • Applications: Residential & Commercial
  • Length (‘): 6-8 feet
  • Construction: Engineered
  • Total Thickness (“): 5/8” (16 mm)
  • Grade: Select
  • Top Layer Thickness (mm): 4.2mm
  • Finish: Bona UV Lacquer
  • Plywood Thickness (mm): 12mm
  • Origin: 100% Made in Spain
  • Species: European Oak
  • Structure: Phenolic Birch Plywood Board
  • Emissions: E0. CARB2 Comply
  • Radiant-Heating: Approved
  • Installation: Glue down, floating or nail down


If you follow some tips when taking care of your floor, you will make sure it stays like the first day much longer. These are some of the tips we recommend: Keep environmental conditions between 45% and 65% humidity and 68 Fahrenheit for and optimal performance of your floor. Vacuum often the most transited areas and regularly clean the floor with a mop in order to avoid the accumulation of dust and debris that could damage the finish of your wood . It is highly recommended that you protect the feet of chairs, tables and other furniture with felt or rubber in order to avoid unwanted scratches. Use only manufacturer recommended cleaner, Rivafloors only recommends cleaning and maintenance products by Bona Lifetime Support since they are biodegradable. It is important not to use domestic cleaners or soaps since they can cause a negative reaction with the finish of the floor. You can download the complete instructions for care and maintenance in the following link.