• Part No: NG-MS-SEW-7.5
  • Species: Oak | Wirebrushed
  • Construction: Engineered Hardwood Flooring
  • Installation Type: Float, Nail Down or Glue
  • Board Size: 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ Fixed Random Lengths (up to 95.5″)
  • Carton Coverage: 29.75 Sq. Ft.


Sewanee engineered hardwood brings to your space the exceptional performance and durability of engineered hardwood planks, and infuses your environment with the distinctive appeal of Oak wood.

Offering an affable palette of medium tones, Sewanee hardwood planks display the subtle linear pattern characteristic of Oak that brings a contemporary aesthetic to any space, making it a favored choice of architects and designers for professional offices, commercial settings, and home environments.

Inspired in the long-range views and spectacular sunsets from the Sewanee Mountain, this engineered hardwood flooring offers a cleaner grain than your typical hardwood, and a touch of contrast with its lighter shades, to create a bona fide environment with a modern look.

The boards of Sewanee flooring are expertly manufactured with a sliced face veneer to accentuate the distinctive appeal of Oak wood. The result is stunning planks with perfectly balanced hues that provide dimension to your floors and a fantastic foundation for your style and décor choices.

Designed to suffuse your environment with a welcoming look, each board of Sewanee flooring is individually wire-brushed to provide character to your surface, while still offering a finished look.

The boards of Sewanee are crafted with micro-beveled edges that create visually pleasant definition between the planks, adding dimension to the surface and elevating the floors with the ever-in-vogue warm look of wood.

Their distinctive 7-½” width and fixed random lengths up to 8 ft., show off more of the wood’s grain and texture creating a more appealing overall look.

The sleek pattern of Oak wood, its light undertones and generous width of the planks, not only set it apart from other flooring options, they also contribute to create a placid environment because there are fewer seams and the floor has a more fluid look.

A low gloss finish, masterfully applied to each board, completes the look of these engineered hardwood planks, bringing out the original beauty of the wood, while effectively concealing dust, and the dirt associated with daily living.

A remarkable integration of state-of-the-art technology and masterful craftsmanship, Sewanee engineered hardwood flooring features a balanced multi-ply core that maximizes the superior strength of the Oak wood, rendering floors with exceptional stability and durability.

The manufacturing process is optimized with an aluminum oxide finish that forms a clear coating, providing an additional layer of protection, and making Sewanee planks a great choice for any surface requiring superior protection from wear and tear.

Highly functional, Sewanee engineered boards are 100% manufactured in the USA and backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty for residential installations, giving you both the timeless looks of Oak wood, and confidence to enjoy your new floor.

Easy to care and maintain, Sewanee engineered hardwood flooring is a great choice to create a high-end look in residential and commercial environments. These boards retain their distinctive qualities and appearance with regular sweeping, dust mopping, and periodic cleaning with an approved hardwood floor cleaner. Sewanee hardwood planks are manufactured using EPA/TSCA Title VI compliant materials.