Solid Hardwood Installation

You’ve made an excellent choice by acquiring a product of excellent quality, thus protecting your investment. Flaws on wood floors may happen as a natural characteristic of the wood. The ProFloors & Cabinets hardwood flooring are produced with the most modern and sophisticated machines and within acceptable industry standards.  We recommend hiring a professional for hardwood flooring installation. Hardwood floor installation is a time-consuming operation that necessitates the use of specialized tools and knowledge. Because your hardwood floors will be a part of your house for years to come, it’s critical that they’re installed correctly. 

We have skilled hardwood flooring installation pros with years of expertise at ProFloors & Cabinets in Naples, Florida. We will ensure that your hardwood floors are correctly placed so that they are secure, safe, and gorgeous.

The Floor must be the last item to be installed. All the work that involves water and humidity must be completely finished. The concrete must be clean, completely leveled and as dry as possible (60 to 90 days, minimum). The equilibrium humidity level in the environment must be ensured that it is within acceptable limits (8% to

Subfloor must be level to 1/8 inch per 10-foot span. If the subfloor dips or crowns 1/8 inch or more in the span, it
must be leveled. We use a cementitious patch or leveler to level low areas in the subfloor. If the floor has a crown or rise, level it by sanding to meet the 1/8 inch specification.

We are responsible for testing of the moisture of the concrete slab and the wood subfloor or underlayment (when applicable), and the equilibrium moisture level in the environment, before the installation.

Basic tools to install the hardwood floors:

• Measuring tape • Chalk line • Hand saw or circular saw • Manual sand paper • Hammer • Adhesive tape • Wood wedges
• Cleaning product for wood floors
• Adhesive Remover

For nail down installation:

• Hardwood Floor Nailing Machine • Nails or staples for hardwood floor 

Nail Down Hardwood Flooring Installation

ProFloors & Cabinets' installer make sure that the wood underlayment  is installed correctly. We cut the door jambs so that the floor and the underlayment may fit under them. We start the installation from the longest wall in the room.

solid hardwood flooring guidelines


solid hardwood flooring guide

We place the first strip of the floor aligned between the chalk line and the wall, with the groove close to the wall and the tongue aligned with the chalk line. Drive the setting nails on the face of the floor, as close as possible to the wall, so that the skirting boards cover their heads.

Measure and cut the last piece to complete the first row of wood strips. Use, whenever possible, the leftover piece to start the next row.

From the second row of strip to the last one, drive the nails 4” apart in the tongue, in a 45º angle.
During the whole installation, we use pieces with at least 6” (15cm) difference, longer or shorter than the ones used in the prior row.

Remember to leave a ½” space for expansion, in the four sides of the installation, close to the walls. Install the skirting boards, setting them on the wall. The floor is ready to be used.

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