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The Best Paint Colors for Selling Your Home 2018

When it comes to selling your home, the last thing you want is to lose interest from a potential buyer because of your current paint color. While paint color should not be a deciding factor to buy or not buy a home, it can lose the interest of buyers who want to purchase a home that is already in move-in ready condition, per their standards.

What Are the Best Paint Colors for Selling Your Home?

Whether you have nail holes to cover up or have a bright accent wall, follow along for our recommendations on the best paint colors for selling your home.

One major recommendation that we have is to not paint your interiors white. You want your home to feel warm and inviting, and sometimes white can just feel cold, empty, and boring.

In the kitchen, light greys and blues are ideal, as they are crisp and clean neutral tones that will give your space a subtle touch of color. You want a color that can appeal to the masses, and a grey-blue will do just that. Also consider these colors, especially blue, in your bathrooms, where you want your space to feel bright. The biggest bathroom no-no is a white or off-white bathroom. In fact, the bathroom color can have the biggest impact on a house sale.

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Light beige will do wonders in your living room, where almost all furniture will match and pair well with the walls. Make the room pop even more with white accents, especially on the baseboards.

Most Popular Interior Paint Colors

The clear winner here is blue, especially a soft, grey-blue. Blue is most popular in the bathroom, but it’s a top choice for all rooms, except the living room. Instead, choose a soft brown for this space.

Neutral Interior Color Palette

Best Exterior Paint Color to Sell a House

If your exterior needs a fresh color, greige houses appear to be the best bet for you. And if your front door now seems out of place with your new exterior color, try a navy blue on your door for an all-American welcome!

Neutral Interior Color Palette

While there are other hot colors populating the design world, it’s best to let the new homeowners add these colors to the home on their own.

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