living room design with black paint

The Hottest Design Trends for Fall 2017

As we transition from summer to fall, now is a great time to make décor changes in your home. Changes can be elaborate, or they can be inexpensive and easy, depending on what type of change you’d like to see in your space.

Whether you want to learn what home decorating trends are hot for fall room décor, or find out about outdated home décor, follow along for our top 5 tips for mastering the latest home interior design trends, and what to avoid!

What Trends Are Out

All-White Interiors

While all-white is still an incredibly popular and beautiful look, we are beginning to see a shift towards deeper browns, blacks, and greens, both as the main color in a room, along with being incorporated into accent pieces. If you have all-white interiors, try phasing out the look by bringing in accent pieces in emerald green or smoky black, two trends that are hot.


You know the saying, “less is more,” and that holds true to the past trend of marble being used in any manner possible in home décor. Marble isn’t outdated, but we’ll be seeing less of the “all marble” look, and instead, it will cool down to being used more so in accent pieces.

Plain Bedding

Look at your comforter or duvet cover. On a scale of 1-10, how boring is it? If it’s even the slightest bit boring, it’s time to go shopping! The bedroom is a room where you can find peace, relaxation, and can express yourself. With that being said, plain bedding is out, and fun, patterned bedding will be making its presence known in the bedroom. 

2017’s Hottest Fall Trends

Emerald Green

As mentioned above, all white is trending out, and shades of dark green are trending in. Best known for evoking feelings of luxury and strength, this rich jewel tone can be incorporated into your home design:

office interior design with green walls

Emerald Green

With the overwhelming usage of social media and digital devices, more people are choosing to turn their bedroom into a peaceful retreat where such devices are banned. To create a cozy, intimate sanctuary, adorn your bedroom with:

relaxing bedroom with white canopy


Soft, luxurious, and cozy, this fabric is perfect for both the fall and the winter seasons for adding visual interest. For the perfect canvas for velvet, think:

Dark Paint

Dark wall colors are making quite the impact in home design, and homeowners love the drama that it’s bringing home.

If you’re ready for the dark side:

If black is too dark for you:

living room design with black paint

Statement Ceilings

Your 4 main walls are not the only place that you can add personality and character to; in fact, we think that you should make your ceiling your 5th wall for creating a loud statement. Consider:

living room with wooden beam ceiling