Did you Know that the nation's number one cause (after car accidents) of deaths is slip / fall accidents?
There are over 550,000 reported slip / fall accidents every year. That’s over 15% of all disabling injuries in the workforce. The National Floor Safety Institutes states that over three million food service employees and over one million guests are injured annually as a result of restaurant slip and fall accidents. The average cost of a slip and fall injury is reported to be $28,000.00 including medical bills, physical therapy, and lost wages.

A death from an on – the – job slip and fall is estimated to cost an average of $940,000.00 on top of the victim’s family’s loss and trauma. 40% of all Worker’s Compensation claims are due to slip and fall accidents.

There is now a water based chemical solution that increases traction on most hard surfaces by raising the coefficient of friction to exceed both OSHA and ADA guidelines for “safe” surfaces. This product is unique. Until now, anti-slip products have only been available for commercial use due to their level of acidity and chemical composition. There is no other and there has never been a product like it available on the retail market before.

It is not a coating, it is a safe and effective process that is colorless and odorless. This process does not alter the color of texture of the surface and it is safe enough to use in an infant’s bathtub.

All parents of young children deserve to be nervous around the bathtub. Between a tub full of toys and soapy playful children. The bathtub is a hazardous place. According to a study by The Columbus Children’s Research Institute, slips and falls account for more than 80% of childhood bathtub injuries. In 85% of bathtub related injuries among children under 5 yrs, adult supervision was present at the time of the incident.

According to a study by Home Safety Council, Adults older than 65 are at the highest risk for home-related falls and fall-related injuries of fatalities. 70% of home accidents occur in the bathroom.

Here is another real problem. The pool deck! Parents are constantly yelling at their children, signs are posted at public pools, BUT…children often disobey causing slip and fall accidents. This, all too often, results in serious injuries. SIX PEOPLE DROWN IN POOLS IN THE UNITED STATES EVERY DAY! 30% of those who drown are children.

The pool deck surface, the source of the Slip and Fall accident, is not addressed in any of the currently used pool safety tools.
InvisaTread is completely versatile and will effectively treat the following surfaces inside and around your workplace or home.

• Entryways
• Walkways
• Pool Areas
• Bathrooms
• Ceramic Tile
• Porcelain
• Vinyl (VCT)
• Stamped Concrete
• Acrylic
• Marble
• Granite
• Slate
• Limestone
• Glazed brick
• Glass
• Terrazzo
• Latex painted surfaces
And more!

This is a no-brainer!
Everyone has an application for InvisaTread and should protect themselves and their families.
Take Action…Gain Traction!