The Recipe for Great Kitchen Flooring

The Recipe for Great Kitchen Flooring

Your kitchen is the main ingredient of your home—no matter how often you cook or entertain. You want floors that make your guests “ooh” and “aah” but that can also handle the everyday grind. So, depending on your style preferences, there are a variety of kitchen flooring options available to help you cook up a kitchen that both dazzles and delights.


Hardwood: Hardwood is naturally beautiful, making it the ideal choice if you’re looking for a classic kitchen look. Hardwood often increases the value of your home, creating an elegant yet comfortable space. It’s soft underfoot, so it’s a nice option for those who spend lots of time standing and cooking in the kitchen. Plus, it’s warmer than most other kitchen flooring alternatives—particularly helpful during cooler months. Keep in mind that when it comes to hardwood, you have two choices; solid and engineered, both providing the same warm elegance to a space.

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Tile: Tile or wood? Hey, why not both? Tile that looks like wood is very popular these days, because it’s really the best of both worlds. You get the natural-looking grain pattern, with the color variety and durability of tile. And as far as tile size goes, the sky is the limit. You can choose anything from square tiles to tile pieces that mimic your typical floorboard dimensions.

Luxury Vinyl: Ideal for the kitchen, luxury vinyl is waterproof, stain-resistant, and durable. It gives you the look of wood at an affordable price. Luxury vinyl lasts for years and looks great doing it, often having warranties of 15 years or more. Plus, this product is known to be a bit softer underfoot, making it a comfortable surface to stand on while whipping up your favorite meals in the kitchen.

Laminate: Laminate is durable, easy to install, and affordable. It comes in a variety of different wood-looks. The install is quick and easy—just a simple cut and it’s ready to be placed down. It’s also known to be soft underfoot because of its flexible construction. With advances in technology laminate has now become a durable option for kitchens.


Porcelain & Ceramic Tile: These tiles are a very popular choice for kitchens. Both are known to be extremely durable—almost impossible to chip or crack, easy to clean, and are resistant to water. Also a great option to give your kitchen a touch of elegance, tile is beautiful and modern—with many colors and patterns to choose from.

Luxury Vinyl: Luxury vinyl is waterproof, stain-resistant, and durable, making it ideal for the kitchen. You get the look of tile at an affordable price. It lasts for years, and looks great doing it, often having warranties of 15 years or more. Luxury vinyl is perfect for those messy eaters, and will stay beautiful until those messy eaters are grown.

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Think you’ve found the right flooring for your kitchen? Give your local ProFloors and Cabinets a call and talk to us about our selection of hardwoodtilelaminate, or luxury vinyl. It’s time to wow your guests with your kitchen as much as the food you cook in it.