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For the best in ceramic & porcelain flooring tiles

When you need a new floor covering that offers as much elegance as it does functional benefits, ceramic &porcelain are well worth looking into as a possibility. Throughout history, tile has been used as a charming and timeless floor covering, adding true character to every space into which it’s installed. It also offers hard-wearing durability that makes it perfect for busy households as it works to resist scratches, scuffs, stains, and many other signs of wear and tear. These factors all add to the overall lifespan of the product, which can easily reach 50 years with proper care and maintenance.

ProFloors & Cabinets maintains integrity with our customers that creates repeat business. Since we work with you from start to finish, we’ll help you pick the perfect material for your lifestyle, offer design assistance for the best performance, and get the product installed to perfection, all according to your specifications. Serving the areas of Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Marco Island, and Estero, our showroom is located in Naples, FL. We invite you to visit us there, where we will work to help you attain the best flooring experience you’ve ever had. Our associates will be standing by to assist with all your needs.

Ceramic & porcelain you can live with

Many homeowners first come to ceramic & porcelain tiles looking for a beautiful floor covering that offers great water resistance. These materials are easy to install in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other spaces where spills, dampness, and humidity can be an issue. If you have pets or children, many times this can be the case in every room, and so these materials can be installed anywhere with great success.
Ceramic tile flooring in Estero, FL from ProFloors & Cabinets
You’ll find ceramic & porcelain exhibits excellent durability, even under heavier everyday traffic. Since the tiles are so dense and hard, they can withstand lots of heavy foot traffic from multiple home residents or guests and continues to look amazing for years. With proper maintenance, you’ll find these floor look just as good decades after installation. The strategic use of area rugs can play a part in helping to maintain the appearance as well.

For installation purposes, we strongly suggest a professional installation team. The density and hardness of these materials make it necessary to use special tools. Experience also plays a key factor in the installation for success. One of our associates will be happy to discuss more details when you visit.

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