Tile Flooring Installation

Tile requires meticulous subfloor preparation. A water-resistant backer-board is frequently used on the subfloor, giving a solid, stable base for tile installation.

ProFloors & Cabinets in Naples, Florida has well-trained, competent, and experienced installers for your project. You can count on them to complete a beautiful work while being careful and respectful of your house and property.

Before installing your new tile floor, like with any other flooring installation, you must clear the room of any furniture and other things. Remove baseboards and molding ahead of time if necessary; speak with your installer on this. As a consequence, it is vital that you speak with an installation expert, such as ProFloors & Cabinets, before installing your flooring substrate. You may need to lay an underlayment before laying the tile, depending on the condition of your subfloor.

A pre-installation walk-through with your tile installer may help ensure that you are ready for the big day. You can negotiate the removal and disposal of old flooring, trim, sub-floor preparation, and door clearance during the walk-through.


To ensure exact tile installation, begin with a clean flooring that is as solid and level as possible. Your subfloor should be able to handle the weight of your new tile flooring and should have an underlayment.

During the early stage of subfloor preparation, utilize samples of your new tile to check doorjamb clearance. You should also consider the flooring heights in adjoining rooms and how you want to handle the transition from tile to another form of flooring or tile.

Tile installation guide

It's time for installation when your ProFloors & Cabinets  has prepped your subfloor and your new tile flooring has arrived!

Professional flooring installers will spread mortar to lay your tile in place and attach them to the subfloor once the subfloor is ready to go. After the mortar has dried, the installers will apply grout between each tile to make a water-tight seal and to cover the gaps.

It's nearly time to start utilizing your flooring now that every tile has been cut and put.

The next step is to wait once the experienced flooring installers have completed their work. Wait at least 48 hours* before walking on your new flooring to allow the tiles to cure. Also, keep the area dry to allow the glue to firm and the grout to cure fully on your lovely new tile flooring.

If you've decided to apply a sealer to your tile flooring for added protection, this is an additional step that will lengthen the curing period.

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