Laminate Herringbone

Top 2018 Flooring Trends

Want a fresh look for your home? Choose to update your floors with one of the flooring trends that are making their way into the magazines and give your home the facelift that it needs!

What Flooring Type Will We See the Most?

Pattern is absolutely fun when it comes to flooring, and one that we love is the herringbone pattern. It is a classic pattern, but is subtly elegant. Large format tiles mixed with wood planking are a fun way to add a look that will be classic and chic. If you are wondering what finishes on the large format are trending, yet safe to play with, a concrete look on tile will look good in your home for years on end.

If pattern isn’t for you, a very strong trend that is still making headway is continuing your plank flooring up a wall. Any time you have wood on your walls or ceiling, you are adding warmth to the room that just cannot be duplicated with paint. Maybe a cold feeling basement needs warming up; this is an easy solution.

plank flooring on a bedroom wall

What Floor Coloring Will Stand Out?

Natural wood tones are still making a splash. The look of raw unfinished wood is a lovely finish to bring into a home.  A common question homeowners ask is, “Do all of my woods need to match?” That really comes down to you. A large trend is the happenstance of materials. For example, you may have raw wood in the entryway and chestnut in your living room. To make the two spaces tie together, you simply accessorize the living room with some raw wood accents.  For some, however, flow and consistency are important, so, if you know you like everything to match, this trend is not for you.

natural wood floors with wood accent furniture

Wood floors that are color stained are trending. Blue stained wood can add subtle happiness down your hallways. Don’t worry that the blue will go out of style, because if you love it, it won’t. The only time this plays a role in anything is if you go to sell your house, then you may find that it’s not for everyone.  But then again, there is always someone for every trend out there. Most importantly, trends are to inspire.  They are to guide and remind you to keep your home feeling fresh.

blue stained hardwood flooring
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