living room with bold colors

Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2019

The New Year is still young, which means that enthusiasm is running high. New ideas, new inspiration, and new projects are at the top of our minds. We love the energy at this time of the year when anything seems possible. The freshness of the New Year coupled with tax return season just around the corner makes this the perfect time to start considering a home makeover.

Top Interior Design Trends for 2019

Whether it’s one well-loved room or the whole house, sprucing up your space is a fantastic way to keep that fresh energy and excitement going well into the months ahead. While some home renovation projects will always be grounded in classic styles, keeping an eye on the latest home design trends for 2019 can offer a burst of inspiration as you consider your options. We’ve scoured the big design blogs, magazines, and social media influencers to see what’s rising to the top in 2019. Here’s what we found:

Bold, Saturated Color

It’s time to go bold or go home! The sedate, blush-meets-bashful Millennial Pink and the ubiquitous tones of play-it-safe grey are on the way out. The year 2019 is hungry for color and interior designers are delivering. Jewel tones are popping up everywhere, from the usual subjects (upholstery, linens, and accent walls) to more unusual applications (vibrant red kitchen cupboards, or a brilliant teal entrance hall).

Layering intense colors in the same space offers a spectacular impact, with paint, furniture, and accessories all working together to offer a sense of depth and drama. Overall, the effect is sensual and luxurious.

Where neutrals are called for, keep that same philosophy of richness and high-contrast color saturation in mind. Unless you’re choosing stark white as your backdrop, the top 2019 neutrals will be all about warmth and vibrancy. Banish those cool tones and cozy up to a world of taupes, tans, and warm, well-heeled browns. Feel free to mix and match them with jewel tones to create a rich color scheme bursting with bold hues!

Move Over, Living Coral! Here Comes “Night Watch Green”!

Alright- Pantone dubbed an in-your-face pinky-orange as the 2019 color of the year — and who are we to argue with the color experts? However, we feel that while “Living Coral” can add some life and excitement to your interior design, it is best used as an accent and in small doses.

For a truly livable, loveable color, our money is on Night Watch Green. Global paint giant PPG crowned this color the king of the 2019 decorating trends — and we can see why. This deep, sophisticated green brings the outdoors inside. Designed to evoke the healing and restorative powers of nature, Night Watch is the visual equivalent of a slow, deep breath. Visually, it’s a cross between a deep jungle green and teal.

Paint a statement wall, upholster a chair, or pick out some gorgeous glossy ceramic tiles: you can’t go wrong with this shade in any material. It also marries beautifully with several other top interior design trends this year, from eco-inspired to Art Deco.

Living room with walls painted “night green”

Natural Elements

Real-world textures are winning out against the sleek, tech-inspired favorites of the last few years. People are craving serenity and looking for connections to the earth, instead of the internet. The theme of home as a retreat from the crazy complexities and stresses of the modern world is one of the biggest underlying home interior trends of 2019. As a result, the use of natural materials is its most logical expression.

Anything earthy, authentic, and genuine is in. Look for stone tiles, hardwood floors and furniture, bamboo floor and wall coverings. Weighty granite and textured concrete are still relevant. Textiles are also grounded in nature with wool, hemp, jute, linens, and leathers earning their place throughout the home in upholstery, curtains, and hangings. To bring authenticity to this trend, sustainable sourced and eco-friendly options are particularly sought after.

Living room utilizing natural elements and textures

Warm Metals

The quest for warmth and richness continues in the metal finishes, fixtures, and features throughout the home. Last year saw the meteoric rise of rose gold, but in 2019 the palette has expanded, throwing open the doors to a whole world of sunny metals.

Glowing yellow gold, brass, and copper are here to join the party. It’s also right on trend to mix these metals: no need to be matchy-matchy with faucets and drawer pulls.

And the craze for rich metallics doesn’t stop with hardware: gold patina furniture and coppery velvet upholstery are another luxe interpretation of the trend. (The micro-trend of bar carts is another particularly fun way to work this one into your interiors.)

Kitchen design utilizing mixed metals with lighting fixtures and furniture

Art Deco

As the swing from stringent minimalism to carefully-curated mindful maximalism continues, the strict mid-century modern trend is softening into an appreciation for the complex geometrics and curliqued elegance of the Art Deco era. It’s glamorous. It’s opulent. It’s clever and playful.

This year’s Art Deco influence will be particularly apparent in furniture (where curves and fans are taking over) and lighting (rampant with brass and frosted glass). It will also pop up in accessories, tiling, and wallpapers. As we head into our own version of the Roaring ‘20s, the elegance of the Jazz Age will be revisited in our homes. It’s about time.

Living room inspired by Art Deco


Retro-fabulous in every way, the Terrazzo home decor trend will take over in 2019. Originally, Terrazzo was an Italian material invented more than 500 years ago as a way to use up marble chippings that would otherwise go to waste. Over time, it evolved and found its way into mid-century design as the no-nonsense option for institutional or commercial floor covering. Terrazzo’s last peak of popularity was in the 1970s and ‘80s.

With recycled glass and stone chippings suspended in resin or polished cement, Terrazzo was prized for being all-but-indestructible and affordable. These days, it’s making a splash as a more exciting alternative to concrete for flooring and bathrooms.

Available in everything from quiet neutrals to wild confetti, Terrazzo is versatile and a blast to work with. It fits the eco-friendly bill and perfectly occupies the niche of the artisan-but-sophisticated surfaces everyone is looking for this year. It also makes a mean tabletop.

For a less literal take, you can add a touch of Terrazzo-inflected design in prints throughout the house: wallpaper, pillow covers, carpets, even shower curtains, or pick up the trend in carpets and ceramic inspired by its abstract designs.

Remember, no matter what’s in or out this year, true style comes from choosing what you really love. You’re not at the mercy of every passing fad, but when you can find the intersection of your own taste and a hot new trend, you’ve hit the sweet spot. Get some inspiration for incorporating new trends into any room in your home. Use My Design Finder to generate some on-trend ideas.

Whatever your plans for your house in 2019, we wish you a warm and happy home filled with laughter, beauty, and all the things that make you smile.