Tropical Interior Design

Tropical Interior Design Ideas & Inspiration

Summer is over, the kids are back to school and the days are becoming shorter and colder. Don’t despair — with the right design touches, you can keep your home feeling bright and sunny year ‘round, bringing a touch of the tropics straight into your living room.

To help you capture that beachy feeling, we’ve put together five of our favorite tropical interior design ideas. Get out the sunblock and pina coladas, because these modern tropical decor trends will transport you to an island paradise.

Modern Tropical Interior Design Inspiration

Less is More in Modern Tropical Style

Modern tropical room decor isn’t all about cramming the space with every seashell you can find. Contemporary tropical decor takes an understated, “less is more” approach that emphasizes chic and sophisticated design elements. In today’s tropical interiors, you can expect to find features like mellow, calming colors, sleek geometric lines, and strategically-placed greenery. 

Tropical Interior Design

Tropical Style Potted Plants

It’s impossible to think of the tropics without immediately imagining dense, glossy jungles full of brightly-colored flowers. Bamboo, orchids, and palm trees evoke tranquil tropical shores, just be careful not to overdo it. In keeping with our first tip, take a minimal approach, strategically placing one or two small potted plants on a shelf or coffee table. Larger plants are ideal for filling up corners and unused crannies.

Tropical Interior Design

Include Soothing Tropical Colors for Home Decor

The vacation mindset is all about letting go of everyday stressors. Choose a soothing, serene color palette that puts you into the right headspace. Bright tropical colors can be a little bit chaotic in large doses, so stick to colorful accent pieces like pillows, vases, and flowers.

Tropical Interior Design

Incorporate Abstract Decor

Bright, splashy, abstract decor is a cheerful counterbalance to those tranquil colors we talked about in our last tip. Plus, paintings, rugs, and décor are easy to move around and replace, so you can choose something bold without having to commit.

Tropical Interior Design

Incorporate Natural Touches in Your Interior Design

Plants aren’t the only natural elements to incorporate into your tropical style design. Wooden floors, rattan furniture, and simple, undyed fabrics and textiles all give your space a beachier, down-to-earth feel.

Tropical Interior Design

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