relaxing bedroom with white canopy

Turn Your Bedroom into a Cozy Winter Oasis

The thought of falling into a cozy bed and resting your eyes and mind from the bustle of the holidays sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Here are some tips to help you pull off the perfect cozy winter bedroom.

What are this Season's Winter Colors?

This season we are seeing a lot of rich, velvety colors start to play a role in home design. Think deep charcoal, velvety rich green, and burgundy that has a plum tone to it. It’s all about tone on tone, and the darker the better! You are not meant to be energized in the space, so your eye needs colors that will allow subtle differences to draw your attention.

Bedroom with Burgundy Accent Colors

Which Winter Color Scheme Should You Choose?

If you love it, it’s the right answer. In design there are a lot of right answers, which is why choosing is very personal.  However, in your bedroom, take a risk, don’t be scared. It’s supposed to feel cozy.

Play Off Textures to Turn Your Bedroom into a Cozy, Winter Oasis

Thick wool throw blankets or flannel sheets scream winter calm. Textured accent pieces will add warmth to your space, so your side tables might be brushed wood that has a raw unfinished feel to it, and your chair may have a large basket next to it with blankets overflowing out of it. Most importantly, have rug runners down the side of your bed to be sure that on top of your beautiful plank floors, you have soft underfoot.

Bedroom with Textured Accent Pieces

What Are the Winter Room Decor Staples?

Be sure to have plenty of blankets to cover up with for when you’re not quite ready for bed. Have lighting that can create various moods, such as overhead task lighting and bedside lamps that can set a softer ambiance.  In your accent chair area, be sure that you have an ottoman where feet can be propped up and the chair has a nice high back to allow for proper relaxation for reading.  

Bedroom with Bedside Lamps and Brown Colors

Follow all of these tips and you will be sure to have the perfect winter sanctuary! Want more winter tips? Keep your carpet looking new all year long!