Garage Flooring

Upgrade Your Garage Flooring

Getting tired of the same old places to spend time at home? Why not take advantage of that extra space your car has called home for so many years? Yep, we’re talking the garage. Homeowners everywhere are turning their garages into multifunctional spaces—perfect for a home gym, a workspace, or even a man cave. And the basis of a great renovated garage starts with the floors.

Now, Your Car Isn’t the Only Thing Enjoying Your Garage

Rubber floors are recommended for garages, whether you’re planning on parking your car in it or not. Check out the best rubber flooring options, so you can make your garage a place you’ll actually enjoy visiting.

If you’re planning on sharing the space with your car, try a vulcanized rubber floor. These floors are not adhered with glue, and they won’t break down from oils or solvents that may drip from your car. And if you’re hoping to use this space as a workshop, it’s the perfect floor to withstand any messes that may occur. These are also perfect for home gyms and can withstand the force of a dropped weight or two.

Garage Gym Flooring in Florida

Vulcanized rubber can tend to be a bit pricier than other rubber floors, so if you’re just looking to transform the space into a home gym (or a simple hangout spot), an inexpensive rubber roll will work perfectly fine. It’s durable, slip-resistant, and easy to clean.

Another option for those looking for a quick to install, high-durability product, is interlocking modular vinyl tile. It comes in a variety of designs if you would like to add a stylish flair to your garage space. It’s also sound absorbant and waterproof! Now your garage can be a quiet oasis and not just a utilitarian space.

Overall, rubber floors are a great option if you’re looking to take advantage of all that extra space. It’s easy to maintain, even easier to install, and, as promised, multipurpose. Whether it’s used to exercise, set up a workshop, or simply hang out, your garage has a lot to offer. So, start taking advantage of that extra space and get more out of your quarantine time at home. Call your local ProFloors and Cabinets today and talk to us about your space. We’ll help you find a floor that works for you.