Virtue Oak Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance will benefit in preserving the aesthetic and functionality of your resilient vinyl .

For New Construction or Renovation: Dust and joint compound may settle on the flooring. If not entirely removed and subsequently wet cleaned, it will leave a haze on the floor’s surface.


Using a microfiber mop pad or an appropriate floor vacuum, dry clean the floor to eliminate dust particles.

In controllable areas, spray a neutral pH floor cleanser, or a similar neutral pH floor cleaner, onto the floor (spray mist will dry quickly). Utilize a microfiber wet mop pad to clean the floor. If the pad becomes soiled, replace it with a new microfiber wet mop pad. Mop the floor in segments.

Always remove any remaining residue from the floor by mopping with water alone.

If drywall dust or construction dust is wiped with simply water, a film of residue will form on the floor after drying. Follow the steps outlined below to remove the film off the floor.


  1. Mop the floor with a dry mop to remove any construction dust or outdoor soil that has been tracked in. Use a dry microfiber mop pad. Replace the microfiber dry mop pad with a clean pad if it becomes soiled.
  2. In manageable areas, spray neutral pH floor cleaners and other neutral pH floor cleaners, onto the floor (spray mist will dry quickly). Clean the floor in segments. For a smooth surface, use a buffer with a low speed (175 rpm) and a 3M red pad on flooring with a neutral pH cleanser to remove the residual film. (Never Dry Polish). Use a cylindrical brush scrubber, such as the Clark MA10 12E Scrubber, and a neutral pH floor cleanser to remove the residual film from embossed or textured flooring.
  3. Using a damp microfiber mop pad, wipe any leftover residue from the floor using just water. When the wet mop pad becomes soiled, replace it with a fresh microfiber wet mop pad.
  4. If required, repeat steps 2 and 3 once more.

When the resilient flooring is cleaned properly, the floor will have the same visual as right out of the box!




Our flooring products are engineered to resist and minimize common staining. 

Safety Caution: The surfaces of resilient floors change during wet cleaning and finish applications. Use appropriate safety measures.

First Use

Before moving furniture and décor onto your new floor, sweep, dust mop or vacuum the floor. Then lightly damp mop with well wrung mop.

Simple Protection

Wherever possible, use walk off mats at entrances and doorways. Non-staining floor protectors under heavy furniture, chairs, and tables are also a good idea.

Cleaning Dos

Choose a pH-neutral floor cleaner – nothing with a floor polish or detergent in it. We recommend Encore Care for Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

Cleaning Don’ts

Don’t use treated dust mops, they may leave a residue. Don’t use vacuums with rotating beater bars on hard surfaces. Avoid using mop and shine products and steam mops.

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