Tile Trends 2020

What are the Top Tile Trends for 2020?

Tile is a versatile type of flooring with uses for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. If you’re planning on upgrading or replacing the floors in your home or apartment, tile might be one type of flooring to consider. But what styles of tile are available, and which are considered the “best” or most popular? We’re here to help answer those questions by breaking down some of the hottest tile flooring trends of 2020. 

From faux stone to herringbone, we’re taking you on a tour through seven styles, designs, and patterns that are dominating the new decade. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about finding the perfect tile for your 2020 home makeover. 

Tile Trends for 2020

2020 Trending Tile Designs & Styles

The Wood Tile Look

Want the look of a hardwood floor, but don’t quite have the budget? Consider wood-look tile as a durable, low-maintenance, trend-friendly alternative to explore in 2020. A timeless favorite whose popularity continues year after year, wood-look tile offers a visually elegant solution to challenges like high moisture, heavy foot traffic, and pet-related wear-and-tear.

Wood-look tile flooring is available in three basic categories: wire-brushed wood-look tile, distressed wood-look tile, and hand-scraped wood-look tile, which has the most handmade, artisanal appearance.

A Concrete Look for a Modern Feel

Driven by increased demand for exposed, industrial architecture, concrete is enjoying a boom right now, making it one of the hottest materials for construction and flooring. However, concrete floors can be hard and uncomfortable, especially for people (or pets) with joint problems. They can also be chilly underfoot, which may become an issue for homeowners in colder climates. Tile offers the sophisticated, industrial look of concrete — without any of the drawbacks.  

Faux Stone Tile for the Rare Stone Look

Tile flooring that imitates wood, tile flooring that imitates concrete… Are you noticing a pattern here? (And is there anything tile can’t beautifully mimic?)

Faux stone tile is another hot trend in flooring to watch out for this year. Thanks to finely detailed tile imitations, any homeowner can now enjoy the sparkle of rare and precious “stones” — without paying exorbitant costs to import heavy slabs from overseas.

Faux stone tiling isn’t just for floors, either. It also makes an elegant backdrop to showers, bathrooms, and accent walls.

Tile Trends 2020

Mixed Width

Who says tiles need to look the same? You can mix tiles of differing lengths and widths to achieve a more handcrafted, custom-made look. Mixed width tiles add visual interest to a room and give you a chance to get creative!


Multi-tile combines multiple colors, shapes, and dimensions, hence the nickname. With its widely varied, hand-crafted appearance, multi-tile makes a beautiful artistic statement — and it’s one of the biggest floor tile trends for 2020. 

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