Stain-Resistant Carpet in Florida

What is Stain-Resistant Carpet & How Does it Work

“I love the soft, plush feel of carpeting under my feet, especially on those chilly winter mornings — but I hate how tough it is to scrub out spills and stains! If I drop something on the floor, or if my pet has an accident, cleaning will probably be impossible. Maybe I should just choose something different, so that I don’t have to worry about staining.”

Do these thoughts sound familiar to you? If your answer was “yes,” we have great news: thanks to advances in flooring technology, today’s carpets are available in stain-resistant varieties, that make cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Read on to learn more about how stain-resistant carpet works, which carpets offer the best protection against stains, and what to expect when you’re planning your budget. Then, ask the flooring experts at Flooring America how we can help bring your design dreams to life.

What is Stain-Resistant Carpet and How Does it Work?

What is Stain-Resistant Carpet?

Unfortunately, scientists haven’t yet figured out a way to produce completely stain-proof carpeting. (Apparently, that’s a tougher challenge than sending astronauts into space!) The good news is that stain-resistant carpet, though not guaranteed against all staining, makes it faster, simpler, and easier to keep your carpets looking as fresh and bright as the day they were purchased.

Another advantage of stain-resistant carpeting is that, since it’s less likely to be ruined or damaged, you’re less likely to need replacement carpets in the future. That means you save time and money — while still enjoying the cozy warmth you crave.

Stainmaster Carpet in Florida

How Does Stain-Resistant Carpet Technology Work?

There’s no question that stain-resistant carpeting offers superior stain protection compared to standard carpets. But how does stain-resistant carpet work? Let’s take a closer look at the technological nuts and bolts that make these innovative products, so effective at protecting against spills and other messes.

Today in the United States, most interior home carpeting products are made using nylon, a synthetic “polymer” (plastic) prized for its smooth texture, waterproof qualities, and ability to withstand damage from mold or insects. Taking advantage of nylon’s durability and versatility, some carpet manufacturers go an extra step during the production process, adding a chemical coating that makes it difficult for food, mud, pet urine, and other messes to penetrate the fibers through the coating.

The result? In most cases, you can prevent spills from becoming stains simply by applying soapy water before the stain dries. Of course, you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to achieve the best results. For example, most manufacturers warn against using bleach, which can damage the protective coating (or even make stains worse).

While most stain-resistant carpets are nylon-based, there are certainly other options to choose from — not to mention stain-resistant non-carpet options, such as luxury vinyl. Flooring America offers a wide range of fabrics and materials to help you find the perfect fit.

What is the Best and Most Stain-Resistant Carpet?

When it comes to carpets that stand up to stains, you only want the toughest, most popular, best-performing products. At Flooring America, we’re proud to carry a variety of trusted, leading names in quality home carpeting. Here are a few options to consider when shopping for stain-resistant carpets:
Stainmaster Carpet in Florida

How Much Does Stain-Resistant Carpet Cost?

Without knowing the details of your flooring project, it’s difficult to estimate how much it will cost, because the answer depends on how much carpeting you need and which type of product you choose. That being said, stain-resistant carpet is probably more affordable than you think!

For more information about stain-resistant carpet prices, visit your nearest Flooring America location. We’ll help you compare prices, weigh options, and get a great deal on a quality product.

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